National University of the Litoral (Argentina)

National University of the Litoral (Argentina)

South America

National University of the Coast. A public institution of Argentina, created on October 17, 1919, it is the daughter of the reformist movement that in 1918 proclaimed to the country and to all of Latin America its ideas of a free and open university community, politically autonomous and insuring the state nature of university education. It promotes the carrying out of research projects within the framework of different programs financed with its own resources and in association with other organisms of the scientific-technological system.


The University was born as the University of the Province of Santa Fe at the initiative of the then governor, José Gálvez, who would be, in addition to his mentor, its first Rector. The Provincial Law of creation dates from October 16, 1889, which made this university the third in Argentina. This University was a continuation of the Major Faculties annexed to the Colegio de la Inmaculada Concepción (Provincial Law of 1868) and, at the same time, a rupture insofar as it differed substantially from its predecessor in its spirit and conception “of a genuinely liberal base”, according to J. Gálvez.

The bill sent by the Provincial Executive Branch stated:

“The University will have as its object the study of law and other social sciences, that of the physical-mathematical sciences and that from now on determined by law”

At the beginning of the new century, a renewal movement arose from its own cloisters —associated with the democratization movement of the early 20th century— which would lead the struggle for the nationalization of the university itself for seven years.


The University Federation of the Coast, formed in 1918, interviewed President Yrigoyen and that same year obtained the endorsement of the First Congress of University Students meeting in Córdoba. Finally, the UNL was created by National Law on October 17, 1919, becoming the “daughter of the Reform” and the first institution with offices in four provinces.

In 1929, the Institute of Scientific and Technological Research was created: the first differentiated space within the Universidad Nacional del Litoral dedicated to research, creating a specific certification: the Research Certificate.

Academic units


  • Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (FADU)
  • Faculty of Biochemistry and Biological Sciences (FBCB)
  • Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (FCA)
  • Faculty of Economic Sciences (FCE)
  • Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences (FCJS)
  • Faculty of Medical Sciences (FCM)
  • Faculty of Veterinary Sciences (FCV)
  • Faculty of Humanities and Sciences (FHUC)
  • Faculty of Chemical Engineering (FIQ)
  • Faculty of Engineering and Water Sciences (FICH)


  • ISM | Higher Institute of Music. Venue: University City (Santa Fe)


  • NDE | School of MedicalVenue: University City (Santa Fe).
  • SSE | Superior School of Health “Ramón Carrillo”. Venue: University City (Santa Fe)
  • USA | University School of Food. Headquarters: Miter No. 461 (Reconquest)
  • USA | University School of Food Analysis. Venue: Florentino Ameghino 50 bis (Gálvez)

Middle schools

  • HIA | Higher Industrial School. Headquarters: Junín 2850 (Santa Fe)
  • EAGG | School of Agriculture, Livestock and Farm. Headquarters: Belgrano S/N to the North (3080) Esperanza

Initial and primary school

Director: PS. María Laura Corral Headquarters: Bv. Galvez 1534 (Santa Fe)

Distance Education / Virtual UNL

  • CEMED | Multimedia Center for Distance Education. Headquarters: San Jerónimo 3231 (Santa Fe)

Research and development projects

The Universidad Nacional del Litoral promotes research projects within the framework of different programs financed with its own resources and in association with other organisms of the scientific-technological system.

With this objective, the UNL developed its own tools for the promotion and financing of research, such as the Course of Action for Research and Development (CAI+D); which includes R&D projects both with a scientific-technological profile and those aimed at social-scientific inquiry and oriented towards social and productive problems. In addition, research projects promoted by other organizations and institutions of the Argentine scientific-technological system are developed, such as the National Agency for Scientific and Technological Promotion (ANPCyT) and the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET), of which the UNL participates in its co-financing.

National University of the Litoral (Argentina)