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National parks

Maputo Elephant Park is located on the right bank of the Maputo River. Gorongosa National Park (website: ) in the center of the country is open from early May to late October, visits can be booked through the LAM office (Maputo). The park can be reached from the airstrip in Chitengo, guides and planes are available in the park. Marromeu National Park is located at the mouth of the Zambezi. The Limpopo National Park in the province of Gaza belongs to the transnational one together with the Kruger National Park in South Africa and the Gonarezhou National Park in ZimbabweGreat Limpopo Transfrontier Park (GLTP) (Web: ).

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Tofo (approx. 400 km north of the capital) is a small seaside resort near Inhambane.



Wickerwork, reed mats, wood carvings, printed fabrics and leather items. Shop opening hours: Mon-Fri 08.30-12.30 and 14.00-18.00, Sat 08.00-13.30.



In Maputo there are nightclubs with dancing and music. Cinemas are available in the larger cities.



Specialties include piri piri chicken, shellfish (grilled Delagoa Bay prawns with piri piri sauce are particularly tasty), matapa (peanut sauce with cassava leaves) with rice or wusa (thick corn porridge). There are restaurants and hotel restaurants in the larger towns.



Hotels of international standard can be found in Maputo and Beira, while accommodation in smaller towns is more basic. More information from the Direcçao Nacional do Turismo (see addresses) or from the website of the Eduardo Mondlane University in Mozambique (Internet:


There are campsites on the beaches as well as in Gorongosa National Park. Camping is also possible on the properties of several Christian missions.



Native religions (50%), 20% Muslim and 30% Christian minorities

Social Rules of Conduct

They shake hands to greet each other. Portuguese manners and customs, as well as those of other southern European countries, are widespread. Casual wear is accepted everywhere, elegant attire is rarely required. Photographing soldiers, airports, bridges and government buildings is prohibited. Tipping: 10-15% is usual.


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Very hot, tropical-humid climate in coastal regions. Inland it is cooler. Most rain falls between January and March, the amount of precipitation varies depending on the altitude.

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31,255,435 (Source: homosociety)

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Mozambique flag vs map