Mountaineering in South America

Mountaineering in South America

South America

From rushing rivers to hissing rainforests, across the arid desert and up into the heights to the tops of volcanoes and mountain scenery. According to clothesbliss, South America is varied, distinctive and a continent you will want to visit again and again. When you travel to South America with Tourist Travel, it is obvious to take us on mountaineering. We have done it many times and we never get tired of it! It is an indescribable feeling to stand on top after a delightful journey upwards.

Cotopaxi, Ecuador

5,897 meters • Technical difficulty: 2 • Physical form: C

If you travel with Tourist Travel to Ecuador to stand on top of Cotopaxi, it will not be the only volcanic peak you set your foot on. Along the way on our expedition, we climb a few other, lighter peaks as part of the acclimatization program. The Cotopaxi route is full of adventure.

Among other things, we pass the equator monument “Mitad del Mundo”, where we put a leg on each side of the equator and are in both hemispheres of the world at the same time. We spend the night along the crater edge of Lake Quilotoa at 3,884 meters. The ascent of Cotopaxi requires good physical shape, especially during the last stage. Here we climb the top via pure glacier, and this alone is a trek of 7-8 hours duration.

Aconcagua, Argentina

6,959 meters • Technical difficulty: 1 • Physical form: D

Aconcagua in Argentina is known for being the world’s highest trekking peak. This is not where you encounter the great technical challenges, but in return, the route requires you to be in super good shape. The mountain has a foothold in the “capital of wine” Mendoza.

You will meet Juan Carlos, our regular partner and a very skilled local but Danish-speaking guide. Prepare for a versatile trip in the heights, where we experience both sleeping in camps and in tents. Aconcagua is the highest mountain in South America and also the highest mountain outside Asia.

All about hiking and trekking

Take a walking holiday with Tourist Travel and get an active and alternative way to get foreign culture right under your skin. Get started hiking in Europe if ex. The Himalayas or Andes Mountains sound too violent. The hiking routes in Europe, where luggage is transported, are a great way to get started on hiking. On the longer hikes we are trekking through the villages of the Himalayas or the ancient ruined city of the Incas, Machu Picchu, in Peru – through hissing rice fields in Vietnam and across the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. There are many ways to travel around the world. At Tourist, we are convinced that the most unadulterated and sincere way of meeting other peoples is with your feet firmly placed on the ground that you want to experience.

With trekking and hiking in Tanzania, India and Nepal, for example, you can easily form a true-to-life impression of the corners of the world we move in. At the same time, we explore historical landmarks from the past and see how these still have value today. So read on this page and become wiser about where in the world you can draw in the company of our skilled guides.

Trekking is an exciting and different way to travel, where you get very close to a country’s culture and nature. When you pull, you walk on foot through a country’s natural areas, mountain areas, valleys or forests, and you thus get very close to the beautiful natural scenery that opens up in front of you. Trekking allows you to experience a country very close by, and at the same time you get an active journey. Trekking also often takes place with the help of various riding or draft animals, which carry you through the raw nature and show you different paths and roads that only the animals can lead you through. Trekking often takes place over several days with accommodation in the open air, in tents or in smaller cabins, but you can also choose trekking with more comfortable accommodation options. Trekking is considered by many to be an outdoor activity because you combine hiking with camping. However, a trekking trip must be described as something completely unique because you come through areas that you have never seen before. Trekking gives you the opportunity to get deep into remote areas, such as the Amazon rainforest or the ancient ruins of the Incas, Machu Picchu. Tourist Travel offers trekking routes in several of the world’s amazing countries. Read more about our different trekking countries and travel methods here.

Mountaineering in South America