Motorola Xoom Will Arrive This Week to The USA without Adobe Flash Installed

This week appears in the USA the first protagonist of the imminent “boom” of tablets with Android 3.0 Honeycomb as an operating system, we speak of the Motorola Xoom. The spectacular nature of this tablet clearly comes to make shadow to competitors such as the famous iPad Apple system iOS, which still is the great success of sales that many really not expected, lacks several features that Android provides if your devices.

Apparently, users who purchase a Motorola Xoom during the first weeks will be most identified with an iPad users, since Adobe Flash 10.2 It will take in coming weeks to the Motorola Xoom.

There is no a concrete explanation Why take some time more to release this new version of Adobe Flash 10.2, optimized for devices Tablet, but what if they have warned from Adobe is that Motorola Xoom will be the first device to receive it, and will be through an update OTA.

Motorola Xoom will take a little longer to reach our country, specifically will begin it to see starting from the second quarter of the year, and their prices, as I discussed a few days ago from the MWC 2011, is expected quite high, We are going to have to pull the operating grants to get with him.