Motorola Discards The Card Slot MicroSD in Its Novelties: “Not Necessary”

Motorola, you just present your new bets on the terrain of the Tablet, the Motorola Xoom 2 and Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition, has also introduced a new policy in its future range of devices: the absence of a microSD card slot.

Mark Notton, Head of management of products at Motorola, told TechRadar that the market (English in this case) will not need storage expandable from now on, seems to be that the key is in the cloud.

We are definitely focusing on storage in the cloud, with content that we are launching we use this method, so we’ve decided to keep the 16 GB of capacity as a result.

We believe that United Kingdom is prepared for the connectivity in the cloud, because there are a lot of applications and services that already use this method. For example, Google Books stored books remotely, if you want to read one, sync and download the book.

In the coming years there will be much more content of this type, and it will be possible to store it offline.

We see as many points of access (WiFi) are used by Smartphones, now there are many people with the possibility of connecting to the network this way.

These were statements translated into Spanish. It seems that Motorola has a fairly clear idea where you want to route. Not in vain, these new tablets include the service MotoCast, that allows playing music, photos, movies and documents from your computer anywhere, using the cloud.

The absence of microSD slots, a growing trend

More than one all of this sounds familiar: Yes, we speak of Apple and their customs as to dispense with slots for cards on their mobile devices and its new service iCloud.

Personally I consider a major drawback that Apple decides to deprive us of our freedom When it comes to increase the capacity of our gadget, and the worst is that Microsoft and Motorola decide to imitate her.

But, if we think about it, this inconvenience is precisely what causes that Apple operates better services like iCloud, which, on the other hand, mark the logical trend of future, It hurts it hurts to whom. It is a transition that some cost more than others.

About Motorola, I think obviously the same. It will be a question of getting to us.