Mississippi College

Colleges North America

How is Mississippi College abbreviated? It is commonly known as MC. Look at the following image, and you can find some other meanings of MC. Just click the image to see all definitions of MC.

Mississippi College

Provides news, and details organizations, academics, admissions and financial aid. Located in Clinton.

Website: http://www.mc.edu/

Mississippi College – Academics

Features links to degrees, majors, and programs, colleges and schools, offices, graduate school, and publications.

Website: http://www.mc.edu/academics/

Mississippi College – Admissions

Covers admissions resources undergrad and graduate programs, law school, and financial aid. Download desired forms and applications.

Website: http://www.mc.edu/admissions/

Mississippi College – Alumni and Friends

Institution of higher learning supports its graduates with this resource, which includes a newsletter and contact details.

Website: http://www.mc.edu/alumni/

Mississippi College – College of Arts and Sciences

Explore the course offerings of this college through links to its various departments. Email the staff for more information.

Website: http://www.mc.edu/academics/arts-sciences/

Mississippi College – Department of Sociology

Undergraduate and graduate programs offered here include social work and marriage and family therapy. Check out faculty profiles and an overview of alumni.

Website: http://www.mc.edu/campus/academics/SOC/

Mississippi College – Graduate School

Learn about the graduate school at this campus through a fact sheet, contacts, and list of resources.

Website: http://www.mc.edu/academics/graduate/

Mississippi College – International Programs

Link to international study programs in the UK, China, France, Germany, the Holy Land, Hong Kong, London, and Salzburg, Austria. Also check out the Spring Break program.

Website: http://www.mc.edu/international/

Mississippi College – Publications

Download catalogs and course schedules, browse general and graduate publications, and use graduation applications.

Website: http://www.mc.edu/publications/

Mississippi College – Samuel Marshall Gore Art Gallery

Learn about this gallery named after the man who founded the college’s art department and see a list of upcoming exhibits.

Website: http://www.mc.edu/~rmiley/artdepartment/gallerypage.htm

Mississippi College – Scholarships

Learn about special scholarship programs existing for outstanding students at this Clinton school. Includes contact information.

Website: http://www.mc.edu/admissions/finaid/scholarships.html

Mississippi College – School of Law

Private university emphasizes a legal education in a Christian context. Learn about the school’s academic programs and admissions policies.

Website: http://www.law.mc.edu/