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How is Minnesota State University-Mankato abbreviated? It is commonly known as MSU. Look at the following image, and you can find some other meanings of MSU. Just click the image to see all definitions of MSU.

Mankato Reporter – Minnesota State University, Mankato

Read news articles, weather reports, editorials, and sports overviews in this student-operated newspaper.

Website: http://www.mankato.msus.edu/dept/reporter/

Minnesota State Univ., Mankato – Archaeology Group

Visit the university’s “E-Museum” to learn about archaeological sites in Minnesota. Find a bibliography, or learn about dating techniques.

Website: http://emuseum.mankato.msus.edu/archaeology/

Minnesota State Univ., Mankato – Community Counseling

Master’s program in professional community counseling details its course of study, lists its faculty members and posts degree requirements.

Website: http://www.coled.mankato.msus.edu/csp/Programs/Pro%20Com%20C

Minnesota State Univ., Mankato – Electrical Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering discusses scholarships, graduate degree requirements and opportunities for assistantships.

Website: http://www.ee.mankato.msus.edu/

Minnesota State Univ., Mankato – Human Resource

Employees and prospective employees of the state school can download forms and check for new job opportunities.

Website: http://www.mankato.msus.edu/dept/humanres/

Minnesota State Univ., Mankato – Spanish Program

Discover what courses and skills are required to earn a BA degree. Includes links to other languages.

Website: http://www.mankato.msus.edu/dept/modernlang/studypro.html#SP

Minnesota State Univ., Mankato- University Security

Introduces its police and security features, covering escort, patrol and emergency services. Offers a safety pamphlet and parking information.

Website: http://www.mankato.msus.edu/dept/security/

Minnesota State University – Financial Assistance

Look into two scholarships available to people of Native American descent. Includes criteria and contact details.

Website: http://www.mankato.msus.edu/dept/gradstud/GRAD/gb/fs.html

Minnesota State University – Maverick Bookstore

Minnesota State University, Mankato students and alumni can shop for textbooks and school-spirit merchandise at this off-campus bookstore.

Website: http://www.maverickbookstore.com/

Minnesota State University System

Link to individual campus pages within the state university system. Find library services and faculty development.

Website: http://www.msus.edu/

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Find links to academic departments and calendars of events for this school in Mankato, Minnesota. Details admissions policies.

Website: http://www.mankato.msus.edu/

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Learn about the speech events that this team participates in and get details on parliamentary debate rules and standards.

Website: http://www.mankato.msus.edu/dept/spcomm/Communication/Maveri

Minnesota State University, Mankato – Alumni Resources

Contact fellow alumni, read class notes and news in the alumni publication, or check out the university’s career-development services.

Website: http://www.mankato.msus.edu/dept/alumni/alum.html

Minnesota State University, Mankato – Library

Investigate the library’s collections, databases and services. Connect to other libraries in Minnesota via MnLink.

Website: http://www.lib.mankato.msus.edu/

Minnesota State University, Mankato – MED

Describes events, courses, facilities and faculty, with staff bios, involving the Mechanical Engineering Department.

Website: http://www.ee.mankato.msus.edu/~me/

Minnesota State University, Mankato – School Counseling

School counseling program outlines its admissions and degree requirements, profiles its faculty, and describes its core and elective courses.

Website: http://www.coled.mankato.msus.edu/csp/Programs/Pro%20Sch%20C

Minnesota State University, Mankato – Social Work

Social-work department offers a newsletter, curriculum details and a semester-planning guide. Check out course schedules.

Website: http://www.mankato.msus.edu/dept/socialwk/swhp.html

Minnesota State University, Mankato – Sociology

Sociology department offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. Find internship opportunities and curriculum details.

Website: http://www.mankato.msus.edu/dept/soccor/web/soc.html

Minnesota State University, Mankato – URSI

Study urban design at the Urban and Regional Studies Institute. Includes program descriptions, and faculty and student profiles.

Website: http://www.mankato.msus.edu/dept/ursi/