MBA in the UK Part 1

MBA in the UK Part 1


Great Britain is the most popular English-speaking study country for Germans. The decisive factor in deciding to study on the island is certainly not only due to the exciting cities and the geographical proximity to Germany, but above all the quality of the British universities. Many of them have a long tradition and are listed at the top of international rankings. The UK’s MBA programs also enjoy a good reputation. They are characterized by both the high quality of teaching and their internationality.

Most of the students at many universities come from abroad. This makes it possible to get to know potential future business partners during the course. Many also see an MBA in the UK as an opportunity to bring their English skills to a top level and enhance their CV with an MBA from a prestigious UK university. The fact that an MBA in the UK only takes one year can also be an argument for visiting the country on the other side of the Channel.

Reasons for an MBA in the UK

The high reputation of British universities, in addition to their geographical proximity, is a decisive factor in the fact that Great Britain is the preferred study destination for many German MBA students. In addition to these two main reasons, there are also other arguments in favor of an MBA degree on the island:

  • Great Britain is one of the largest trading nations in the world and London is considered to be the European financial center. The range of MBA programs here is correspondingly large and varied.
  • The MBA is a tradition at British business schools and the degrees are established and recognized worldwide.
  • The business schools maintain close contact with business and combine academic content with practical phases in which students work on projects with local companies.
  • Many universities offer excursions to major business centers around the world
  • The course is extremely practice-oriented and project work is often offered as an alternative to academic work

Studying in Great Britain may not be cheap, but it still offers a decisive advantage over studying in the USA, Australia or Singapore: The travel costs and the organizational effort are much lower.

Low-cost airlines to Great Britain start from almost all major cities in Germany. Long-distance buses are even cheaper. These connections make it possible to pay a visit to Germany in between or to invite friends and family to the island. German students only need a valid identity card or passport to enter the country. A residence permit and work permit are also not absolutely necessary. This is particularly useful for students wishing to take part in a part-time extra-occupational program in the UK.

Due to the European social security agreement, German students are also automatically insured through the National Health Service in Great Britain.

This is what an MBA program in Great Britain looks like

The MBA has a long tradition in Great Britain. To learn more about United Kingdom and Europe, please visit weddinginfashion. The focal point is still the economic and financial city of London. The range of MBA programs in the English capital is huge and the most renowned business schools in the world vie for international high potentials.

But it doesn’t always have to be London. There are excellent universities throughout Great Britain whose business schools offer their students top training in organization and leadership. The business schools of two universities that are not based in London recently won the coveted Triple Crown title: Newcastle University, which belongs to the Russell Group, and the University of Birmingham. The Triple Crown denotes an accreditation of the three most important international seals of approval in economics:

  • AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business)
  • AMBA (Association of MBAs)
  • EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System)

Be it London or Birmingham, Cardiff or Aberdeen: the British MBA courses are all internationally oriented and their content is regularly adapted to current global developments in the economy. In this way, innovative courses of study have emerged in recent years that adapt to the individual situation of the students and cover newly emerging niche areas.

Variants of the MBA in Great Britain: Classics and Innovations

The “classic” General MBA is best known. This covers all important management areas and generally prepares you for typical tasks and fields of activity in the area of organization and management of companies. The course often includes a certain number of elective courses that can be used to adapt the course to individual interests.

Universities are increasingly offering part-time and online courses and are offering courses for almost every qualification level: a bachelor’s degree is sufficient for some MBA programs in Great Britain, while other programs are aimed at experienced managers. The Executive MBA (EMBA) has long since become a classic and a large number of business schools have one on offer. The EMBA is a program that is aimed exclusively at applicants who already have several years of professional and management experience (usually at least five years) and who would like to expand and specify their skills. The main focus here is on developing various soft skills, like intercultural competence and networking.

MBA in the UK Part 1