Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

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Mansfield University

Small, rural campus is located in northern Pennsylvania, just south of Elmira, N.Y. Read about its financial-aid policies.


Mansfield University – Alumni Web

Read a welcome message from this school’s president, browse a member email directory and use a change-of-address form.


Mansfield University – Anthropology

Dept. of Social Work, Anthropology and Sociology shares its history. Examine curriculum details, meet the faculty and discover student clubs.


Mansfield University – Employment

Presents faculty and non-faculty job openings, with info on responsibilities, qualifications and the application process. See contact addresses.


Mansfield University – Spanish Program

Offers course descriptions and news of extracurricular programs offered by the Division of Foreign Languages. Includes faculty contact details.


Mansfield University – Women’s Studies

Take a look at the women’s studies program at Mansfield University. Includes courses, minor requirements and a cultural events list.