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Taipa Island is known for its fireworks factories, but there are also several small Buddha temples and some old Portuguese structures.


The most famous sight of Macau, whose old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the ruins of St. Paul’s Church. The Jesuit Chapel of São Paulo do Monte is located in the city center. Built in the 17th century, the Guia Fortress stands on the highest point in Macau; its lighthouse is the oldest on the Chinese coast. An example of Portuguese architecture is the Leal Senado, the senator’s room. The public library near the main staircase and the main hall are also of interest to visitors. The Sun Yat Sen, now a museum, was once the residence of the revolutionary leader who overthrew the Ching Dynasty in 1910. The Church of Sao Domingo from the 17th century is one of the most beautiful sacred buildings in Macau. The churches of Santo Agostinho, São Jose and São Lourenco are also worth seeing, as are the monuments dedicated to Jorge Alvares and Vasco da Gama. The country’s Chinese heritage is also interesting. The Kun Iam Tong temple complex, built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), houses a small statue of Marco Polo and other art treasures. The temple of the goddess A-Ma is at least 600 years old, making it the oldest Chinese temple in the country. The Lou Lim Ioc and Camões Chinese Gardens are definitely worth a visit.


Colôane has a varied landscape with forests, hills and beautiful beaches. Sights of the island include Chinese temples, the Chapel of St. Francis Xavier and a shipyard where traditional junks are still being built.



Jewelry, Chinese antiques, porcelain, pottery, electronics, cameras, watches and beadwork. Everything is available duty free. Trading is common. When buying antiques, gold and silver jewellery, one should follow the recommendations of the Macau Goldsmiths and Jewelery Association or the Macau Tourist Board, which publishes a directory of reputable shops. Insist on a receipt and certificate for jewelry, gold, cameras, watches, and electronics purchased. Shop opening times: Usually Mon-Sun 10am-8pm. Some stores close on the first of every month.



Most of the events take place in the hotels, which often have nightclubs with variety shows, Portuguese folk dances, dance bands, discos and bars. In summer you can sit in the countless open-air esplanadas in the square in front of the Hotel Lisboa and refresh yourself with non-alcoholic drinks. The casinos are open 24 hours a day.



Most restaurants have table service. The local cuisine is spicy and spicy. Bacalhau (cod baked, grilled, steamed or boiled), caldo verde and sopa a alentejana (rich soups with bread and olive oil), African chicken (grilled with hot spices), Galinha a portuguesa (fried chicken with potatoes, onions, egg) are particularly tasty and saffron), minche (minced meat with fried potatoes and onions), Macau sole (fried fish, usually with a salad), and feijoadas (a Brazilian dish made with beans, pork, potatoes, cabbage, and spiced sausages).Drinks: The bars serve table service or served at the counter. All restaurants have a selection of Portuguese red and white wines, as well as reasonably priced port and brandy. You also get the sparkling vinho verde.



Buddhists (50%), Christians (15%, mainly Catholics), non-denominational (35%).

Social Rules of Conduct

Social manners: Social life usually takes place in public, e.g. B. in restaurants. One is rarely invited to private homes unless the host is particularly wealthy. Spirits are ideal gifts for guests. Dress: Apart from nightclubs and good restaurants, casual attire is generally acceptable. Tipping: Most hotels and restaurants charge a 10% service charge, but leave a small tip.


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Subtropical climate with hot summers, rainy season during the summer months. Winds can reach hurricane force and typhoons are not uncommon. The best travel time is October to December.

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