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How is Louisiana State University abbreviated? It is commonly known as LSU. Look at the following image, and you can find some other meanings of LSU. Just click the image to see all definitions of LSU.

Louisiana St. Univ., Shreveport – Noel Memorial Library

Provides a resource directory and research guides, plus links to journal databases and government documents.

Website: http://www.lsus.edu/library/

Louisiana State Univ. – African and African Am. Studies

Study the degree requirements for a minor. Defines its mission, details its curriculum and presents its history.

Website: http://www2.artsci.lsu.edu/african/

Louisiana State Univ. – Animal Science Department

Consult the graduate student handbook, see the options for financial aid, and read animal science course descriptions and faculty biographies.

Website: http://www.agctr.lsu.edu/inst/research/departments/animalsci

Louisiana State Univ. – Cain Dept. of Chem. Engineering

Find out about LSU’s undergraduate program, faculty, facilities and career opportunities for chemical engineers. Includes requirements.

Website: http://www.che.lsu.edu/

Louisiana State Univ. – Cooperative Extension Service

Describes the Louisiana Cooperative Extensive Service. Read about the school’s agricultural experiment station and international programs.

Website: http://www.agctr.lsu.edu/nav/extension.htm

Louisiana State Univ. – Department of Art

College of Design outlines its undergraduate and graduate programs in art history. See who is on the faculty.

Website: http://www.design.lsu.edu/pages/art/art%20history/arthist.ht

Louisiana State Univ. – Department of Entomology

Read an introduction to the department. Includes a description of the state arthropod museum.

Website: http://www.lsu.edu/guests/wwwent2/

Louisiana State Univ. – Department of Food Science

Discover the areas of specialty including nutrition or culinary science. Shares career opportunities, facility details and admissions criteria.

Website: http://www.agctr.lsu.edu/inst/research/departments/foodscien

Louisiana State Univ. – Dept. of Biological Science

Louisiana State University’s Department of Biological Sciences is located in Baton Rouge, LA. Furnishes a listing of course offerings and news.

Website: http://www.biology.lsu.edu/

Louisiana State Univ. – Dept. of French and Italian

French culture, literature and the Cajun language are features of the program in Baton Rouge. Find courses, news updates and faculty profiles.

Website: http://www.artsci.lsu.edu/fai/index2.html

Louisiana State Univ. – Dept. of Geology & Geophysics

Visit the department to find undergraduate and graduate-degree options. Includes program details and faculty contacts.

Website: http://www.geol.lsu.edu/frontdoor/index.html

Louisiana State Univ. – Dept. of Geology and Geophysics

Department of Geology and Geophysics covers academic courses, faculty profiles and degree requirements. With details on field studies programs.

Website: http://www.geol.lsu.edu/

Louisiana State Univ. – Electrical & Computer Eng.

Details undergraduate and graduate curriculum requirements, and offers connections to the faculty.

Website: http://www.ee.lsu.edu/

Louisiana State Univ. – ELOP

English Language and Orientation Program gives international students a chance to learn English for academic or business reasons. Find details.

Website: http://www.doce.lsu.edu/elop/index.htm

Louisiana State Univ. – Immunology

LSU Medical Center’s Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Parasitology gives a description of graduate studies courses.

Website: http://www.medschool.lsumc.edu/micr/

Louisiana State Univ. – Industrial & Manufacturing Dept

Find out about the Industrial and Manufacturing department, with a calendar, news and a general overview of the department.

Website: http://www.imse.lsu.edu/

Louisiana State Univ. – Library & Information Science

Presents program descriptions, admission info, and student resources. Find out about possible jobs for graduates.

Website: http://slis.lsu.edu/

Louisiana State Univ. – Linguistics

Interdepartmental Program in Linguistics details the courses, faculty and degree options available. Includes a list of concentrations.

Website: http://www.artsci.lsu.edu/ling/

Louisiana State Univ. – Plant Pathology

Request an application packet concerning the graduate programs and research areas at the Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology.

Website: http://www.lsu.edu/guests/wwwppc/page2.htm

Louisiana State Univ. – Program in Comparative Lit.

Learn about this Baton Rouge university’s graduate comparative literature program. Peruse admissions information and program regulations.

Website: http://www2.artsci.lsu.edu/complit/

Louisiana State Univ. – School of Mass Communication

Manship School of Mass Communication offers programs in modern media. Read department information and the Daily Reveille.

Website: http://www.jour.lsu.edu/manship/

Louisiana State Univ. Medical Center – Physiology

Explore the research fields of faculty members, examine the MS, PhD and MD-PhD options for graduate study in physiology, and see lecture notes.

Website: http://www.physiology.lsuhsc.edu/

Louisiana State University – Agriculture & Engineering

Joint department in the colleges of agriculture and engineering reports on research news, scholarships, alumni, and courses.

Website: http://walnut.bae.lsu.edu/

Louisiana State University – Alumni Association

Get the scoop on this organization with an events calendar and a list of chapters. Includes a membership application.

Website: http://www.lsualumni.org/

Louisiana State University – Alumni Association, Austin

Texas Tigers gather here to reconnect with old school friends, peruse an events calendar and keep up-to-date with LSU news.

Website: http://members.aol.com/lsuaustin/

Louisiana State University – Chemistry Library

Examine the resources, staff, services and operating hours of the LSU library.

Website: http://www.lib.lsu.edu/sci/chem/

Louisiana State University – College of Agriculture

Summarizes course work, career opportunities, faculty, and facilities for the Programs in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness

Website: http://www.coa.lsu.edu/

Louisiana State University – College of Design

Accredited architecture department charts the curriculum for its five-year program. Meet the faculty and view the student gallery.

Website: http://www.design.lsu.edu/

Louisiana State University – Department of Chemistry

Examine research programs, graduate studies in chemistry and faculty profiles. Includes undergraduate program info and bulletins.

Website: http://www.chem.lsu.edu/

Louisiana State University – Department of Kinesiology

Offers BS, MS and PhD degrees in exercise physiology. Includes a handbook that describes each programs’ requirements.

Website: http://asterix.ednet.lsu.edu/~kineweb/home.html

Louisiana State University – Department of Marketing

Find courses, degree requirements, faculty profiles, research areas and internship opportunities.

Website: http://www.bus.lsu.edu/marketing/

Louisiana State University – Department of Mathematics

Find class schedules, a description of the applied math programs, research activities, and directories of the faculty, students, and alumni.

Website: http://math.lsu.edu/

Louisiana State University – Dept. of Dairy Science

Introduces the faculty and their areas of interest in the department. Research programs and club activities.

Website: http://www.lsu.edu/guests/wwwjcds/dairysc.htm

Louisiana State University – Dept. of Epidemiology

Department of Epidemiology and Community Health offers master’s and doctoral programs. Read descriptions of the courses offered.

Website: http://www.vetmed.lsu.edu/ech/

Louisiana State University – Dept. of French & Italian

Get more information on the French and Italian language departments at this southern university. Details on the programs are included.

Website: http://www.artsci.lsu.edu/fai/

Louisiana State University – Dept. of Radiology

Scan an overview of the residency program in diagnostic radiology. Find a description of the facilities and contact details.

Website: http://www.medschool.lsumc.edu/medschool/departments/asp/rad

Louisiana State University – Educational Leadership

Examine the degree programs in K-12 educational administration, educational research, higher education and educational technology.

Website: http://asterix.ednet.lsu.edu/~elrcweb/

Louisiana State University – Geography & Anthropology

Describes the undergrad and grad programs in these disciplines, discusses the research facilities, and provides a faculty guide.

Website: http://www.ga.lsu.edu/ga/

Louisiana State University – Health Sciences Center

LSU Medical Center encompasses six schools, which teach medicine, nursing, dentistry and allied health. Locate student policies and services.

Website: http://www.lsumc.edu/

Louisiana State University – Honors College

Check out the academic programs, facilities, and staff, and history of this LSU unit.

Website: http://www.honors.lsu.edu/

Louisiana State University – Law Center

Read the bulletin, and learn about the faculty, campus resources, career resources and ongoing development for professionals.

Website: http://www.law.lsu.edu/

Louisiana State University – LSU Libraries

Offers details about its services for the disabled, interlibrary borrowing and electronic reserves. With a link to the Design Resource Center.

Website: http://www.lib.lsu.edu/

Louisiana State University – Orthopaedic Surgery

Shreveport medical center’s department of orthopedic surgery presents its residency program, research and a list of faculty members.

Website: http://www.ortho.lsumc.edu/

Louisiana State University – Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum-engineering students can find research, academic requirements and descriptions of the work.

Website: http://www.pete.lsu.edu/

Louisiana State University – Police Department

Obtain crime prevention and safety instruction, news alerts, emergency contacts and an intro from the chief. Requests feedback and has links.

Website: http://appl002.lsu.edu/pubsafe/policeweb.nsf/homepage

Louisiana State University – Political Science Dept.

Resource chronicles the various degree offerings available and provides news about the field.

Website: http://www.artsci.lsu.edu/poli/

Louisiana State University – Psychology Department

Department describes its programs, courses, facilities, and faculty members. Learn about the undergraduate major and graduate degrees.

Website: http://www.artsci.lsu.edu/psych/

Louisiana State University – Rural Sociology Faculty

Find profiles of faculty members serving the rural-sociology department. Provides LSU Agricultural Center contact details.

Website: http://www.lapop.lsu.edu/rural/faculty.html

Louisiana State University – School of Music

Survey the admissions requirements and degree programs for this music school. Lists upcoming events and ensemble information.

Website: http://www.music.lsu.edu/

Louisiana State University – Sociology

Describes undergraduate and graduate degrees in sociology. Check out curriculum details, sociological resources and faculty interests.

Website: http://soc.lsu.edu/

Louisiana State University – Women’s and Gender Studies

Presents the women’s and gender studies program at this university in Baton Rouge. Includes an in-depth guide to related resources on the Web.

Website: http://www.artsci.lsu.edu/wgs/

Louisiana State University Eunice – Job Opportunities

Scan open positions. Qualifications and application contact information detailed in listing.

Website: http://www.lsue.edu/jobs/

Louisiana State University, Alexandria

Small college offers associate degrees and transferable credit for students looking to move to a four-year institution.

Website: http://www.lsua.edu/

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

Explore the school’s colleges and admissions requirements. Presents Tigers athletics details.

Website: http://www.lsu.edu/

Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge – History Dept.

History Department at LSU Baton Rouge provides graduate and undergraduate program outlines, course offerings and faculty profiles.

Website: http://www.artsci.lsu.edu/hist/

Louisiana State University, Eunice

Provides step-by-step instructions for applicants, and learn about the two-year transfer programs and associate degrees.

Website: http://www.lsue.edu/

Louisiana State University, Eunice – Scholarships

Investigate scholarships based on achievement and merit. Put together an aid package to fund an education at LSUE.

Website: http://www.lsue.edu/menubar.html

Louisiana State University, Shreveport

Investigate the undergraduate and graduate programs, and look into financial aid options. With a description of the environs.

Website: http://www.lsus.edu/

Louisiana State University, Shreveport – Aid

LSUS posts details about aid available to students. Includes contact information.

Website: http://www.lsus.edu/finaid/

LSU – Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Louisiana State University describes its courses and degree programs in these related areas of study. With faculty and research descriptions.

Website: http://www.artsci.lsu.edu/phil/

LSU – Graduate School of Banking

Prospective students can explore the master’s program and e-courses, apply, learn about Louisiana’s attractions and email students or faculty.

Website: http://www.gsblsu.org/

LSU – Office of International Programs

Louisiana State University describes its local programs in international studies as well as study abroad opportunities.

Website: http://www.oip.lsu.edu/

LSU – Ourso College of Business

Louisiana State University’s business school posts its history and news. Find out about research, academics, executive programs and placement.

Website: http://www.bus.lsu.edu/

LSU Libraries – Subject Guides

LSU offers subject guides for business, engineering, government, humanities, patents, trademarks, science and social science.

Website: http://indigo.lib.lsu.edu/weblio.html

New Delta Review – Louisiana State University

Published twice annually by the Louisiana State University creative writing program and offers a focus on poetry. Review samples.

Website: http://english.lsu.edu/journals/ndr