LLM in the UK Part 1

LLM in the UK Part 1


The UK is one of the most popular countries to study abroad. No wonder: after all, some of the best and most traditional universities in the world are located here. The study programs offered are characterized by a high quality of teaching and enjoy a high international reputation. The relative geographic proximity to Germany also makes England an attractive place to study. Every year, thousands of German students cross the English Channel to optimize their English and gain international study experience.

On the one hand, these are the reasons why many law students decide to do a Master of Laws in Great Britain. On the other hand, the choice is of course also related to the fact that the LLM programs have a long tradition in Great Britain. UK universities and law schools have a wide range of specialization opportunities. Compared to the corresponding master’s programs in the USA, the costs for an LLM in Great Britain are also reasonably moderate.

LLM in Great Britain: A Must for Business and International Law Professionals

Especially those who later want to work in large international law firms and globally active commercial companies cannot avoid an LLM degree. Those seeking a career in international organizations, the military or the diplomatic service should also consider an LLM in the UK. To learn more about United Kingdom and Europe, please visit cancermatters.

A course of study completed in an English-speaking country such as Great Britain, the USA, New Zealand, Australia or Canada enjoys a much higher reputation among future employers than the German equivalent.

The reasons: Anyone who has studied abroad has not only acquired essential intercultural skills, but also has a command of the global business language, English, mostly at a business fluent level. In addition, studying abroad signals organizational skills and flexibility and the willingness to deal intensively with another legal system.

Overview of LLM programs in the UK

The Master of Laws in Great Britain usually lasts one year, sometimes as little as nine months. Many degree programs now offer the opportunity to study part-time in the form of block events and weekend seminars. The duration of the study is extended accordingly to usually two years.

The range of LLM courses offered by British universities is diverse and the majority of the programs have international and comparative aspects: ideal for students from all over the world. The classics are the International Law and Human Rights Law departments. Almost every law school in Great Britain has it on its program, and within these areas too, the specialization options are varied.

LLM by Courswork / LLM by Research in the UK

With regard to the type of study, in an LLM (Master of Laws), as is the case with most Master’s programs in Great Britain, students can choose between the Master of Laws by Coursework and the Master of Laws by Research. As the name suggests, students acquire the LLM by Coursework by attending courses and writing shorter term papers. This form of LLM study is usually somewhat more practice-oriented than the LLM by Research, which the young lawyers acquire through largely independent writing of a long research paper. The LLM by Research is usually a little more time-consuming and requires a meticulous examination of a demanding scientific context.

General Legal Studies and Specialties in the UK

Most universities offer the possibility of a general LLM degree, which above all provides an overview of the English common law system. There are also a large number of specialized programs, especially in the areas of International Law and Human Rights Law mentioned above.

International business law programs offered by renowned universities such as London South Bank University, the University of Essex or Newcastle University should be of particular interest to (prospective) business lawyers. The LLM in Corporate Governance and Law at the University of Portsmouth is specially tailored to management tasks.

A whole range of programs is also available for those who see their future professional field of activity in international institutions such as the Council of Europe or in the diplomatic service: An LLM degree in European (Union) Law is possible at the popular University of Essex.

In addition to the above-mentioned LLM classics, specific programs have emerged at British universities in recent years that deal with increasingly important niche areas. Interested parties can, for example, complete the LLM in Internet Law at the University of Essex, the LLM in Intellectual Property Law at the University of South Wales or the LLM in Oil and Gas Law at Robert Gordon University.

University Law Clinics

The practical experience always plays a big part in UK universities. Many law faculties or law schools have university law clinics in which students work on their first “real” cases. The Law School Clinic of Robert Gordon University in Scotland, the Legal and Financial Advice Clinic of South Wales University and the Legal Advice Clinic of London South Bank University are legal advice centers that pursue a win-win strategy: the “clients” get free Advice and support while the students can practice on real cases.

LLM in the UK Part 1