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Failaka, located 30 km from Kuwait City, is the most beautiful of Kuwait’s islands. There are some interesting archaeological excavation sites here. The large resort complex in the south of the island offers beaches, swimming pools, sports fields, restaurants and accommodation options.

Kuwait City

Kuwait City is a bustling capital with skyscrapers, luxury hotels and manicured gardens and parks. The Kuwait Towers , which can be seen from afar, are three large, pointed round towers with multi-faceted, spherical thickenings. They are used as water reservoirs. The oldest building in the city is the Seif Palace, built in 1896, which houses the offices of the Emir and Ministers. The Kuwait Museum was looted during the siege, and the building itself has since been partially restored. It’s open to the public. The Sadu House near the Kuwait Museum is built of coral and plaster and houses a museum of Bedouin art and culture. The huge Grand Mosque in the city center is also worth seeing. A notable private collection of Islamic art is housed in the Tareq Rajab Museum.

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In Kuwait City, boutiques and shops stock common goods as well as many luxury items. Shop opening hours: Sat-Thurs 08.30-12.30 and 16.30-21.00, Fri 15.30-20.30.



There are several cinemas in Kuwait City. Two theaters organize amateur performances. Some nightclubs have since reopened.



Arabic and international dishes are served in the restaurants. Arabs eat with their right hand, but cutlery is also available. Alcohol is forbidden.



There is a good selection of top quality hotels, many with fitness and shopping centres. Serviced apartments are also available. Accommodation is relatively expensive. It is advisable to book in advance. A service charge of 15% is added to all bills.



Islam is the state religion (70% Sunnis, 30% Shiites); alongside Christians, Hindus, Parsi and others.

Social Rules of Conduct

They shake hands to greet each other. It is possible for visitors to be invited to a private home, but the hospitality often takes place in a restaurant or hotel. A gift from the home country is gladly accepted. In any case, women should dress modestly and within the limits of Islamic law. Men should not wear shorts or bare their upper bodies in public. Smoking: Smoking is officially prohibited in closed, public spaces such as restaurants, cafes (shisha cafes are excluded) and hotels. However, the smoking ban is neither reliably implemented by the population nor vigorously enforced by the government. Tipping: In restaurants, Hotels and clubs add 15% to bills for service. If the tip is not already included in the bill, a 10% tip is customary.


Best travel time

In summer hot (up to 50°C) and dry (April to August) with little rainfall. Strong sandstorms are possible. In winter (November to March) cool with some rain. Spring is cool and pleasant. The most pleasant weather is enjoyed in the months of May and October.

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Kuwait flag vs map