Jimmy Iovine Ensures That Want to Convert to Apple Music in a “Cultural Reference Point”

In an interview with Variety, Jimmy Iovine, the head of Apple Music, spoke about the line work remain within Apple Music. According to the publication, although the Executive has refused to offer specific details about the future of the service or its growth strategy, if ensures that the signature of Cupertino you want to become a cultural reference point to Apple Music.

“We are trying to make the music service a point of cultural reference, and is for this reason that we are doing video for our current and future customers of Apple Music,” said Iovine.

As part of the interview, the Executive said that since he met Steve Jobs and Eddy Cue in 2003, he knew exactly what should be one of the main focuses of Apple. “When I met Steve and Eddy said: ‘these guys should have an entertainment company'”. In the words of Iovine, of all the companies of the technology in the world, Apple was that understood why artists do what they do.

“When I met Steve and Eddy said: ‘these guys should have an entertainment company'”, said Iovine.

According to statements by Iovine, the Cupertino firm could be betting strongly on the field of entertainment with the help of Apple Music. Since the service was launched, it has grown to reach the figure of 20 million subscribers. According to the interview of the Executive with Variety, This growth is related to the exclusive (as happened with the debut of ‘Views’ of Drake) and now, with the arrival of the original video content.

On the union between the entertainment industry and technology

To read the entire interview, we noticed that Jimmy Iovine has an obsession with the union between the entertainment industry and the technology sector. “Someone within these companies have to speak both languages, or is never going to work.” Therefore, Iovine says the rapper and producer Dr. Dre It plays a key role in one of the most important businesses of Apple.

“Dre purpose in life is to invent something that moves the needle (…) A lot of times has done so seriously. Now it is experimenting with video, and what it does will be unique”, said the Executive.

Because of this, and after the recent statements made by Tim Cook during a call with Wall Street analysts, we know that the creation of original content for Apple Music is not a side project of the Cupertino firm, but today is one of its priorities. “We are already testing the original content for Apple Music and learn from that… These tests are learning a lot about the business of original content and considering ways to participate in that [Apple TV] “, said Cook”.