Interstate 57 in Missouri

Interstate 57 in Missouri

North America


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End Cairo
Length 22 mi
Length 35 km
1 → Memphis / St. Louis

4 Bertrand

10 Charleston

12 Charleston

Cairo I-57 Bridge


According to ablogtophone, Interstate 57 or I -57 is an Interstate Highway in the U.S. state of Missouri. The highway runs from I-55 at Sikeston to the Illinois border. The route is 35 kilometers long.

The Cairo I-57 Bridge over the Mississippi River on the Illinois border.

I-57 begins at the town of Sikeston on a cloverleaf cloverleaf with Interstate 55, US 60 from Poplar Bluff connects directly to I-57 here. The highway then has 2×2 lanes and runs in a northeasterly direction through the flat agricultural area. Here I-57 runs through the torrent valley of the Mississippi River and crosses this river at Cairo. The Mississippi River forms the border with the state of Illinois, after which Interstate 57 in Illinois continues to Chicago.


Interstate 57 was the first highway in southern Missouri. The first section opened as US 60 about 1960 between Sikeston and the east side of Charleston. In 1965 and 1966, the interchange with I-55 opened in two phases. In 1978, the remainder of the route opened from Charleston to Cairo, Illinois, including the Mississippi River Bridge.

Opening history

From Unpleasant Length Opening
exit 0 exit 12 19 km ~1960
exit 12 Exit 21 14 km 1978

Traffic intensities

About 11,000 vehicles use this stretch of I-57 every day.

Lane Configuration

From Unpleasant Lanes Comments
exit 0 Exit 21 2×2

Lewis Bridge

Lewis Bridge
Spans Missouri River
Lanes 2×2
Total length 848 meters
Main span 131 meters
Bridge deck height 21 meters
Opening 1979
Traffic intensity 24,000 mvt/day
Location Map

According to beautyphoon, the Lewis Bridge is a girder bridge in the United States, located in the state of Missouri. The bridge spans the Missouri River north of St. Louis, with US 67 crossing it.


The Lewis Bridge is an 848m long steel girder bridge with a main span of 131m. The bridge deck is 21 meters above the Missouri River and is 25.3 meters wide. US 67 runs across the bridge from St. Louis to Alton. The bridge has a freeway profile, with 2×2 lanes and emergency lanes. The bridge is toll-free. West of the bridge is the Bellefontaine Bridge, a railway bridge. Just north of the Lewis Bridge is the Clark Bridge over the Mississippi River, also part of US 67. The Lewis Bridge is the most downstream bridge over the Missouri River.


The first bridge at this site was a two-lane steel truss bridge that opened in 1927. This was the first bridge connection across the Missouri River north of St. Louis for road traffic. The bridge was right next to the railway bridge. Due to the increasing traffic, it was decided to replace the bridge. The characteristic half-timbered bridge has been replaced by a sober girder bridge, which was opened in 1979. The old bridge was subsequently demolished. In 2006 the Lewis Bridge was renovated.

Traffic intensities

In 2012, 24,000 vehicles drove over the bridge every day, which means that it is not used very intensively.

List of Busiest Highways in Missouri

This is a list of busiest highways in Missouri, a state in the United States. The numbers come from the state’s Department of Transportation. The intensity is from the location north or east of the indicated intersecting road.

road number Place Location Intensity (2007)
I-270 Creve Coeur I-64 188,000
I-270 Hazelwood SR-370 184,000
I-270 Creve Coeur SR-340 182,000
I-64 Richmond Heights I-170 173,000
I-270 Maryland Heights Dorsett Road 171,000
I-70 Maryland Heights Earth City Expressway 165,000
I-270 Country Life Acres SR-100 163,000
I-64 St. Louis Hampton Avenue 159,000
I-70 Maryland Heights Main Street 153,000
I-70 St. Peters Mall Drive 146,000
I-270 Concord Tesson Ferry Road 146,000
I-270 Kirkwood I-44 146,000
I-435 Kansas City Kansas state line 144,000
I-70 St. Charles Lumbehl Road 142,000
I-64 ladue Lindbergh Boulevard 141,000
I-55 St. Louis Loughborough Avenue 139,000
I-270 Bridgeton County Road A 137,000
I-70 Normandy County Road U 136,000
I-70 Kansas City I-35 135,000
I-70 St. Charles SR-94 135,000
I-64 Brentwood McKnight Road 133,000
I-270 Florissant I-170 133,000
I-64 Chesterfield SR-141 130,000
I-70 Bridgeton US 67 129,000
I-70 Ferguson I-170 128,000
I-44 Kirkwood Kirkwood Road 128,000
I-64 Creve Coeur I-270 126,000
I-55 Melhville Butler Hill Road 125,000
I-270 Hazelwood US 67 124,000
I-44 Kirkwood Bowles Avenue 123,000
I-70 Bridgeton I-270 122,000
I-435 Kansas City Holmes Road 122,000
I-170 Carsonville SR-180 122,000
I-44 Webster Groves Rock Hill Road 120,000
I-64 Chesterfield Olive Boulevard 119,000
I-35 Kansas City Kansas Avenue 118,000
I-70 O’Fallon County Road K 117,000
I-170 University City I-64 116,000
I-70 Kansas City I-435 114,000
I-70 Independence US 40 112,000
I-55 St. Louis Jefferson Avenue 112,000
I-270 black jack Ferry Road 111,000
I-44 St. Louis Arsenal Street 107,000
I-170 University City Ladue Road 107,000
I-44 St. Louis Vandeventer Avenue 107,000
I-55 Mehlville SR-141 107,000
I-170 Berkeley I-70 106,000
I-55 St. Louis I-44 105,000
I-435 Kansas City I-70 103,000
I-170 University City SR-340 103,000
I-670 Kansas City I-35 100,000
I-55 Mehlville I-255/I-270 100,000
I-55 / I-64 / I-70 St. Louis Poplar Street Bridge 100,000
I-70 St. Louis Kingshighway Boulevard 100,000

Veterans Memorial Bridge, Missouri

Veterans Memorial Bridge
Spans Missouri River
Lanes 2×5
Total length 989 meters
Main span 187.8 meters
Bridge deck height ? meter
Opening 13-12-2003
Traffic intensity 60,000 mvt/day
Location Map

The Veterans Memorial Bridge, also known as the Page Avenue Bridge, is an arch bridge in the United States, located in St. Charles, a suburb of St. Louis. The bridge spans the Missouri River.


The Veterans Memorial Bridge is actually two parallel spans with an identical appearance. The total bridge is 989 meters long, with a main span of 187.8 meters in the form of an arch bridge. The bridge has two parallel arches. Both bridges are 27.4 meters wide. State Route 364, a 2×5-lane freeway with left and right emergency lanes, crosses the bridge. There is also a bicycle/footpath on the north side. The bridge is toll-free.


The Veterans Memorial Bridge was constructed as the Page Avenue Extension, a freeway from St. Louis to the rapidly expanding western suburbs. Both spans were constructed at the same time and the bridge connection opened to traffic on December 13, 2003. With the bridge, St. Charles had its third road bridge over the Missouri River.

Traffic intensities

In 2012, 60,000 vehicles crossed the bridge every day. The bridge is one of the most oversized structures in the United States, with a capacity of more than 200,000 vehicles. The bridge is built for the future as the suburbs west of St. Louis are growing rapidly.

Interstate 57 in Missouri