Humble Bundle Is Aimed at Halloween with a Pack of Six Games for Android of Terror

Approaching the holiday of Halloween, very celebrated in the United States, especially to make all kinds of themed promotions. For the Organization of the Humble Bundle It is the perfect time to make a promotion in its section for mobile games.

For two weeks we will have available six games for Android for less than three dollars, and they will be added over the coming week, something that is already largely known. In addition every four days they will be giving away games only for subscribing to your newsletter, without buying the bundle.


Personally it is one of the games most recommended Pack. A strategy game in which our goal is to recover the city after a zombie apocalypse, beginning with a group of about 10 people without skills just.

Dark: Second Shadow

It is not very common to see a platform on the issue of terror, although this gives fairly good atmosphere. We must retrieve pieces of a protective glass only illuminating the area with our hand and no more powers than our reflexes.

Containment: The Zombie Puzzler

A game very simple and without much explanation. A puzzle game in which we will have to unite groups of zombies in the same color, somewhat more complicated than the Bejeweled to which we are accustomed.

Five Nights At Freddy’s

Considered one of the best horror games that have come out in recent months. We will have to be security guards at a pizzeria where animatronic dolls come to life at night with murderous purposes. Our weapons will be security cameras and security doors that consume much of the energy we need to ration.

Dead Effect

We went to a shooter in first person with high graphic quality. An infection has spread across a space colony and our mission is to survive. In this edition there are no micro transactions.

The Walking Dead: Assault

We ended up with one of the games of the well known franchise The Walking Dead. In this game you have to follow the story of Rick since you wake up in the hospital, using the team strategy to survive.