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How is Hollins University abbreviated? It is commonly known as HU. Look at the following image, and you can find some other meanings of HU. Just click the image to see all definitions of HU.

Hollins University – Campus Tour

Offers maps of academic and public buildings, athletic facilities, and residence halls. Find directions to campus and a virtual tour.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/about/tour/tour.htm

Hollins University – Library

Learn about the catalog, media, reference, reserve, and technology resources available through this college library.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/academics/library/libtoc.htm

Hollins University – Richard Wetherill Visual Arts Center

Describes classroom, gallery, and studio facilities designed for art history, film, photography, and studio art students. Includes links to programs and photograph.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/art/wetherill/wetherill.htm

Hollins University Photo Tour

Alumna displays photographs of the historic Cocke Memorial and Main buildings, duPont Chapel, East and West residence halls, theatre, and Wyndham Robertson Library.

Website: http://www.people.virginia.edu/~spr4z/tour/home.html

Hollins University – Children’s Literature

Explore the meaning of Good Night Moon while enrolled in the master’s program in children’s literature. Lists courses, faculty and requirements.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/grad/childlit/childlit.htm

Hollins University – Classroom Technology Integration

Modular format certificate program provides educators with methods for integrating computer hardware and software into classroom instruction. Class schedule provided.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/grad/cti/cti.htm

Hollins University – English & Creative Writing

University promotes its graduate creative writing program, details the program’s curriculum and provides application and aid information.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/grad/eng_writing/eng_writing.htm

Hollins University – Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Multidisciplinary program with a flexible curriculum, designed for the working adult. Links to current course list and application and registration forms.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/grad/mals/mals.htm

Hollins University – Master of Arts in Teaching

Two-track program provides both aspiring and career educators with courses leading to licensure and professional advancement. Includes application and course information.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/grad/mat/mat.htm

Hollins University – Screenwriting & Film Studies

Students explore film criticism and history and screen play development in this summer master’s degree program. Provides course information and faculty credentials.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/grad/film/screenwriting.htm

Hollins University – Athletics

Offers profiles of this school’s athletic teams, coaches and athletes. Read about club sports and campus recreational facilities.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/athletics/athletics.htm

Hollins University – Women’s Basketball

Find out about past alumni of this program, ten venture to see current team information, including stats, a roster, staff profiles and news.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/athletics/bball/bball.htm

Hollins University – Women’s Field Hockey

Provides contact information, roster, schedule, and statistics for this Division III team.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/athletics/fieldhockey/hockey.htm

Hollins University – Women’s Horseback Riding

Student riders compete in Intercollegiate Horse Show Association hunter and jumper competitions. Boarding, facility, lesson, and training information provided.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/athletics/riding/riding.htm

Hollins University – Women’s Lacrosse

Provides player and team data, with schedule and description of training facilities.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/athletics/lacrosse/lacrosse.htm

Hollins University – Women’s Soccer

Describes this Old Dominion Athletic Conference team’s efforts to win a tournament seat. Details upgrades to playing and training facilities.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/athletics/soccer/soccer.htm

Hollins University – Women’s Swimming

View the records, roster, and schedule for this college team. Read about the coaching staff, and see photographs of the pool facilities.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/athletics/swimming/swim.htm

Hollins University – Women’s Tennis

Features player and team records and season description. Includes coach credentials and describes off-season training regimen.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/athletics/tennis/tennis.htm

Hollins University – Women’s Volleyball

Highlights key player accomplishments and team tournament achievements. Includes list of conference competitors.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/athletics/volleyball/volleyball.htm

Hollins University – Art Department

Highlights the art history, film, photography, and studio art programs at this liberal arts university. Links to exhibit schedule and faculty and student work.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/art/artmain.htm

Hollins University – Biology Department

Offers internship, laboratory, research and study abroad opportunities, including medical and veterinary school preparation. Links to course descriptions.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/biology/biology.htm

Hollins University – Business Department

Liberal arts-based major program with alternative paths for general and concentrated studies. Details courses, internships, and major requirements.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/business/biz.htm

Hollins University – Chemistry Department

Laboratory and research-based chemistry program with general, business, and biochemistry concentrations available. Details course descriptions and major requirements.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/chemistry/chem.htm

Hollins University – Classical Studies Department

Allows students to develop personal programs of study in ancient architecture, art, philosophy, and religion. Details internship and study abroad opportunities.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/classical/classics.htm

Hollins University – Communication Studies Department

Describes courses and internships designed to prepare students for careers in advertising, broadcasting, media production, and public relations.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/communication/commstu.htm

Hollins University – Computational Sciences Program

Learn about an undergraduate program combining mathematics, statistics, and computer science courses. Outlines major requirements.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/compuscience/compusci.htm

Hollins University – Computer Science Department

Projects and internships help students develop skills in algorithm development, analysis, and programming. Includes course and faculty information.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/computersci/compsci.htm

Hollins University – Dance Department

Comprehensive modern dance program for women offers apprenticeship, internship, performance, and study abroad opportunities.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/dance/dance.htm

Hollins University – Economics Department

Students analyze global and national trends according to economic principles and apply their knowledge in business and government internships.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/economics/econ.htm

Hollins University – Education Department

Offers courses leading to teacher licensure in conjunction with a subject major. Details state requirements for teaching endorsements.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/education/education.htm

Hollins University – English & Creative Writing Department

Literature and writing courses allow students to pursue both critical study and publication of original works. Links to course descriptions and major requirements.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/english/engcwrit.htm

Hollins University – Film & Photography Department

Courses in cinema and still photography provide students with creative production opportunities based on technical mastery. Links to major requirements and student work.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/film/film.htm

Hollins University – French Department

Offers details on course offerings, internships and foreign study. Read faculty profiles and learn about the film festival and the French House.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/french/french.htm

Hollins University – German Department

Offers details on course offerings, internships and foreign study. Browse on-campus activity updates, faculty profiles and contact information.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/german/german.htm

Hollins University – History Department

Seminar-based program focuses on the analysis of primary historical source materials. Provides course, internship, and study abroad information for the future historian.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/history/history.htm

Hollins University – Interdisciplinary Program

Program allows a student to develop a customized major consisting of course work, internships, and international studies in two or more subject areas.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/interdisciplinary/interdis.

Hollins University – International Studies Program

Develop a global perspective through courses, internships and study abroad in the fields of economics, history, language, and political science. Lists major requirements.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/International/intl.htm

Hollins University – Math and Statistics Department

Hone analytical and critical thinking skills within the math and statistics department at Hollins University. Posts course and major details.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/math/math.htm

Hollins University – Music Department

Develop expertise in instrumental or vocal performance, music theory, or music education. Links to course descriptions and major requirements.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/music/music.htm

Hollins University – Philosophy Department

Develop skills in criticism, reasoning, and writing in this liberal arts program. Learn about the career advantages of a degree in philosophy.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/philosophy/phil.htm

Hollins University – Physical Education Department

Details courses offered for credit in personal development, recreational activities, and varsity sports. Includes course prerequisites and schedules.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/athletics/courses.htm

Hollins University – Physics Department

Small classes allow students to apply theoretical principles through independent research and internships. Outlines courses and major requirements.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/physics/physics.htm

Hollins University – Political Science Department

Students choose between concentrations in international relations and comparative political theory. Describes internship, research, and study abroad opportunities.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/polysci/polysci.htm

Hollins University – Pre-Law Program

University describes interdisciplinary approach to law school preparation. Includes hints on how to get into and succeed in law school.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/prelaw/pre-law.htm

Hollins University – Pre-Med Program

University offers undergraduate biology and chemistry classes geared toward students intending to apply to medical school. Includes alumnae stories.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/premed/pre-med.htm

Hollins University – Pre-Vet Program

Lists biology, chemistry, and physics courses necessary for the pre-vet student. Emphasizes the importance of internships and research to veterinary school acceptance.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/prevet/pre-vet.htm

Hollins University – Psychology Department

Offers concentrations in child, clinical, cognitive, experimental and general psychology, neuroscience, and speech pathology. Highlights student research projects.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/psychology/psyc.htm

Hollins University – Religious Studies Department

Study the world’s religions and their interactions with society in the fields of art, history, philosophy, and sociology. Includes lists of student religious activities.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/religion/religion.htm

Hollins University – Sociology Department

Curriculum includes the history of sociology and the research methods and theories used to explain human societal behavior. Outlines career and graduate school options.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/sociology/soc.htm

Hollins University – Spanish Department

Sharpen Spanish business, conversation, grammar, and writing skills through course work, internships, and study abroad. Learn about the Spanish Club and Film Festival.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/spanish/spanmain.htm

Hollins University – Theatre Department

Participate in all aspects of theatre, including acting, design, directing, stage management, and technical production. Includes apprenticeship information.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/theatre/theatre.htm

Hollins University – Women’s Studies Program

Interdisciplinary studies in aesthetics, culture, science, and society allow students to examine gender issues in society. Links to course list and major requirements.

Website: http://www.hollins.edu/undergrad/womenstudies/wom.htm