Hawaii Pacific University Review (8)

Hawaii Pacific University Review (8)

North America

The application process

To apply to the HPU, you have to fill out a few forms, deal with ways and clarify things – as is the case with every stay abroad. MicroEDU supports you very intensively with these things and it is a great relief to always have a contact person. Nevertheless, I can only recommend that you start as early as possible, as there are usually unexpected delays. For example, I needed an English certificate from my parents’ bank, which was only available correctly after a new copy and a 3-4 week waiting period. All of these are things that you don’t expect beforehand. So you should start collecting all the documents for the application no later than six months in advanceput together. What I would like to point out in particular is that the visa should always be at the top of your priority list, as this takes a lot of time (e.g. getting an appointment at the embassy) and you cannot book a flight without a visa, etc. With the visa only possible if you have the approval of the HPU, so again: start early enough – otherwise it will be stressful! A little hint: If you apply to the HPU, you will usually be accepted. Visit jibin123.com to get information about cost of living in Berlin.

The studies

The study on the HPU has been very different from my studies here in Germany. I’m used to going to the lectures (or not, depending on how you want) and taking an exam at the end of the semester. At the HPU, however, it is a constant learning process. Every week I had to write papers, give presentations, do assignments, etc. That often stole a lot of free time, but it really improved my English learning. So you have to do a lot more than in Germany, but the level of content is much lower. Although I have experienced a lot, I also took the university seriously and, with very human effort, was able to achieve an A in all courses without any problems, which is counted as 1.0 in Germany. When choosing your courses, you should look carefully at ratemyprofessors.com to see who is doing the courses and trust the reviews there. You should also (if approved by your home university) choose 1000 & 2000 courses if possible (the higher the number, the more difficult the course). It is also possible to swap your courses free of charge in the first week of university. Allow at least about $ 200 for the books as they are super expensive in the US.

The accommodation

For the first time, you can either go to a hostel or book Airbnb accommodation. I stayed at the Waikiki Beachside Hostel for the first week, which is fine and where you mostly get to know other students. The mixed 8 bed room was quite a challenge for the first week and I don’t know if I would do the same again next time. Then you can go looking for an apartment on site and, at best, even found a flat share with other students. As a location, I can recommend you either to live in Waikiki or Ala Moana – for me personally, the proximity to the beach has significantly improved my stay. Here you have to rent between $ 800-1200 a month (if you want to have your own room)calculate. Downtown you can live a little cheaper and close to the university, but you are further away from the beach and the party facilities. Everyone has to know for themselves where the priorities are, but especially when you are only there for one semester, I think it’s great to live in the center of the action. Don’ts: NEVER live in the student suites (super overpriced and just terribly bad) and the accommodation options on campus are not recommended either – too expensive and a lot of rules. A little hint: Post a post in advance via the HPU Facebook groups, most of the people I know have found accommodation about this (sometimes even in advance!)

The free time

Do’s: 1. Surfing: even if you have never done it, it’s worth it! Rent a surfboard from “Moku” for $ 5 and go surfing on Waikiki Beach at sunset, there is nothing more perfect! 2. The other islands: Oahu has no question about beautiful corners, but my personal highlight was flying to the other islands in a spring break – Big Island and Kauai are a MUST! 3. Hiking: Even for people like me who have never hiked in flat northern Germany, it is not possible to do without hiking. You will admire the most impressive prospects have that you’ve ever seen. My personal highlight:Stairways to heaven – it’s worth it and there is a reason why this hike is famous … you can’t leave Hawaii again without having walked the stairways. 4. Party: In Waikiki you can almost good to go away in the evening every day right. Tuesday in Moss there mixing for 1 € (always very fun and convenient for evenings.)

Hawaii Pacific University Review (8)