Hawaii Pacific University Review (7)

Hawaii Pacific University Review (7)

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I am studying tourism management and completed my semester abroad in the fall of 2010 at Hawaii Pacific University and spent the best time of my life there! The semester went by in a flash and I would have loved to add another semester if the financial means had been available. Because a semester in Hawaii and at the HPU is wonderful, but unfortunately it can also be very expensive! But first things first.


My German university was not a partner university and I would have had to plan my semester abroad completely on my own. Thanks to MicroEDU, a huge burden was taken off my shoulders! Aline supported me quickly and competently in all matters! The responsible German representative at the HPU, Anja Frommelt, was also always at my side with advice and action (both by e-mail to Germany and on site).
I was warmly welcomed into the HPU-Ohana (family). There was a mandatory introductory session for international students which is a great way to get to know other students. Some of the passport week events are also worthwhile. However, I didn’t pay for the entire week, I only paid for the Circle Island tour and attended other free events.¬†Visit jibin123.com to get information about cost of living in London.

Most courses will take a long time with homework, quizzes and midterms! But the level is lower than in Germany! But in my experience, you still learn more by repeating it over and over again. I had 2 language courses, French and Spanish, in which it is compulsory to go to a 20-minute one-to-one tutorial every week. Very annoying, but also effective!
The professors are totally cordial and much more personal and also like to have a coffee with the course or bring pizza or homemade cakes with them to class!
Caution: If you want to change a course on site, this costs $ 35 per change!
There is no cafeteria, but a lively street (Fort Street Mall) on the Downtown Campus, with many cafes and restaurants (try the Garlic Chicken in Fort Street Café: D)!

The cost of living in Hawaii is immensely high! First I wanted to look for an apartment on site, but then, in order to save myself the stressful search, I booked a double room in the Ohana Waikiki West Hotel through “Hawaii Student Suites” – I have never regretted it! The rent suggests booking at $ 750 per person, and for that you have to share the room. But I was able to stay in a hotel for 4 months with weekly maid service, pool and fitness center and only 2 blocks from the beach. In addition, you can use the roomkey to travel all over Waikiki in a trolley for free – a lot of fun: D Even if you look for apartments privately, you will rarely find anything under $ 650! I would also advise against the highly touted student housing “Ohia”, unless
I would only buy groceries in Waikiki (e.g. in the food pantry or the many ABC stores) in urgent cases. Otherwise, Don Quixote are relatively cheap for fresh fruit and vegetables and Walmart for everything else !!


You will never get bored in Hawaii – I promise: D I spent as much time as possible in the fresh air, sunbathing, hiking and surfing. The best beaches are definitely Lanikai Beach and Kailua Beach in the east and Waimea Beach in the north of the island. Hanauma Bay is perfect for snorkeling (with a Hawaii State ID you can get in there for free – su). Great hikes are the Maunawili Hike, Manoa Falls or Stairways to heaven. I bought a surfboard right at the beginning of the semester and became an avid surfer. In the end I was even able to sell the surfboard at a higher price:-).
Since I’m only 20, I couldn’t go to most of the clubs or had to pay more admission: S But even underage there is no shortage of fun evenings! I am a Latin American dancer and therefore I love to dance salsa in the Zanzabar on Tuesdays or in Che Pasta on Fridays!


As a mobile phone provider, I chose Net10, SMS only cost 5 cents and calls 10 cents. This is definitely one of the cheapest providers. But be careful – you always have to pay for incoming SMS and calls with all providers, unless you have a flat rate! Then it is definitely worth getting a Hawaii State ID for $ 15. It is associated with about 3 hours of waiting, but you often get discounts in restaurants or other activities. Always ask for Kamaaina discount (local discount)! Ask at the international office of the HPU where you can apply for the State ID!

I wish you a really great semester in the most beautiful place on earth !! You definitely won’t regret it! You can always contact me if you have any questions!

Hawaii Pacific University Review (7)