Hawaii Pacific University Review (4)

Hawaii Pacific University Review (4)

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I would really recommend each of you to study a semester in Hawaii! The time there was absolutely unforgettable. I imagined a lot of beautiful things beforehand, but what awaits you in Hawaii you just have to experience for yourself.

The room search is not easy really, but with some patience and persistence are found then something good. Firstly, I would not recommend renting a room from Germany (the risk of being ripped off is very high) and secondly, not renting a room in downtown near the university (not a nice corner). I was really lucky and found a great apartment with a German, a Dane and an Australian (all HPU students) in Waikiki, two minutes from the beach. The Craigslist website has probably the largest offer, but I would also recommend joining the HPU Incoming Student Group on Facebook, where rooms are offered from time to time. Visit jibin123.com to get information about 9 best cities to study in Netherlands.

It continues with the Hawaii Pacific University. At first I wasn’t entirely sure whether a semester abroad as a law student would be that easy. Fortunately, both my German university and the HPU were very cooperative and so I found four suitable courses (three from the ” Justice Administration ” area, one from the ” International Relations ” area). The lecturers were very nice and helpful, but the level is more like our upper school level. Nevertheless, you have to reckon with a lot of homework, but those who are hardworking get good grades very easily. Unfortunately, the range of sports on offer at the university is rather expandable.

But if you fly to Hawaii just because of the university, you really miss a lot…

Hawaii is absolutely amazing when it comes to the diverse nature!

I can only advise everyone to visit the other Hawaiian islands. The flights are not too expensive and the accommodations are affordable. Kauai in particular has completely overwhelmed us all! If you are flying there, you should definitely visit the Weimea Canyon and take a boat tour along the famous Napali Coast. On the Big Island the volcanic landscapes are breathtaking and on Maui the Bamboo Forest and the Seven Secret Pools are something very special. So pack your backpack and let’s go!

The many hikes were always a highlight, absolutely ingenious and breathtaking views. Here are a few hikes that I would definitely recommend: Three Peaks Hike, Stairway to Heaven, Pillbox Hike.

Also, I would recommend everyone to go surfing. In Waikiki there is a great surf shop called Moku, where students can rent boards for only $ 5 an hour. Just don’t give up is the motto! For those of you who are interested in running, I can recommend the Honolulu Marathon in December, a great event in which everyone from young to old runs.

On “our” island of Oahu, the rather untouched North Shore is really beautiful, you don’t want to leave;-). From the end of November the best surfers in the world will come together for exciting surf contests. At Waimea Beach you can also jump off cliffs (completely safe ;-)). The pristine west coast also has its own charm. There are many pristine beaches where you can camp pretty much all year round, with a little luck you might even wake up in the morning and go swimming with a school of dolphins (an absolutely unforgettable experience!).

So there is more than a lot to experience in Hawaii!

The nightlife is also really cool: on Tuesdays there are $ 1 drinks in the legendary Mooses and it feels like half of the international students are there. At the weekend you can always go to the Rumfire or the M Club. If you don’t feel like partying, you can of course also have a relaxed barbecue on the beach.

The food culture in Hawaii is not that great at first glance. If you take a closer look, you will find very tasty local food, especially of course the fish dishes were great! Don Quijote is the cheapest place to shop, while Whole Foods has many organic products. The prices are definitely tough, but you just have to get used to them. Shopping opportunities are offered by Waikiki on the one hand and the Ala Moana Shopping Mall on the other.

Here again a big thank you to MicroEDU, who always helped me very nicely with all my questions – really great!

Hawaii Pacific University Review (4)