Hawaii Pacific University Review (2)

Hawaii Pacific University Review (2)

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Hawai’i fulfills all the prejudices one knows about Hawai’i. Surfers, no matter which beach; Palm trees wherever the eye falls; these imposing mountains; Volcanoes to hike; Tourists in abundance… etc.
Anyone who feels the urge to go to Hawai’i SHOULD DO IT IN ANY CASE !!

To make the testimonial easier, I’ll break it down into topics.

Application phase:

The application itself is pretty straightforward. However, you should take care of a lot of things before the actual application, because then everything runs faster. For example, the transcript from your own university or a letter from the bank stating that there is enough money for your stay. I recommend starting such things early because a transcript like this can take more time than you think…
MicroEDU has helped me a lot. If only because they act as a middleman for you and you don’t have to contact the university yourself. They answer all the questions you have, even if you ask them twice or three times because you have misunderstood it. Highly recommended! Visit jibin123.com to get information about best cities to study in Denmark.

In the end, everything went through Facebook. In the group “Incoming Students Spring 2011” I found entries about looking for / handing over an apartment and got in touch. He then told me his flat share was full, but the lady would offer more apartments. The apartments are perfect for a semester abroad and are located in the heart of Waikiki about 3 minutes. walk from Waikiki Beach (so put a surfboard on the balcony;)).


My impression of studying in Hawai’i was that the subject matter is easier, but that you have to do more. Read a lot, hand in a lot of assignments and write tests. But, that is usually done quickly, or you notice over time what really needs to be done and what can actually be left out. In a course, for example, you still got full points for an assignment, even if you submitted it 10 days after the deadline. But that is also the exception.
If you have enough language skills, the university is absolutely no problem. In addition, the lecturers are used to a high proportion of international students and are ALWAYS available. “ALWAYS”, because they give you their private cell phone number and are really not angry if you call them at half past ten to ask something banal about an assignment.

I made the mistake of buying all of my books in the first few weeks. My $ 500 bill had washed up nicely. You can initially exchange the books for the same price, but only for a short time. At the end of the semester, the bookstore will buy them back. However, that’s not really fair. For my $ 500 books, I got $ 180. Although I hadn’t even touched most of them and they looked like new. So my tip: only buy the books when the lecturer says that you absolutely need them and you can see that the others are also working with them. Otherwise it is usually superfluous.

Leisure activities / climate:

Hawai’i is the best place in the world for outdoor sports. The weather is always good! If it rains in one place, drive 10 minutes and it will stop raining. Even in January the temperatures are such that you can lie down comfortably on the beach and it is getting warmer and warmer from day to day.

You can go surfing. Every day.

Go hiking !! Koko Head, Diamond Head, Manoa Falls are just the standard routes, but in the “Oahu Revealed” book you will find some more indescribable routes.

Rent a car with friends in between. However, best not on site but one day in advance via the Internet in Germany (cheap rental car.de) It is usually up to 50 $ cheaper.

Make day trips, because the island is bigger than you think;).
Drive to other beaches and be there all day because Waikikibeach really isn’t the best that Oahu has to offer.

Just be out and about. There is always something to see.

Definitely go to the other islands !!!!!!! ! Every island is different, believe it or not. It is so. You don’t have to book a hotel / hostel every time. A car, however! Buy camping equipment at Walmart (tent $ 50, fleece blanket $ 20) and off you go. Renting a car is a MUST because the distances are incredibly long, especially on the Big Island.

Playing with balls is prohibited on most beaches. Go to Fort de Russy Beach, there are volleyball fields and you can play on the sand. However, there is concrete underneath, so don’t fight for every ball;)


I already said something about the books from the bookstore above.

Shopping in Hawaii is generally very expensive. Except shopping. But, if you live in Waikiki and the food pantry is the only place where you can shop and you are really hungry for a red bell pepper, you have to pay 6 $ for it. Sad but true.
I recommend: There is a Safeway at the university. Go shopping there and carry the bags back to the bus. Is cheaper, but more cumbersome.
It is actually cheaper to go out to eat almost every day than to buy something and cook yourself.
When shopping, however, the surf brands are particularly recommended, because they are a lot cheaper than ours. Partially….

The apartment was absolutely fine at $ 1500 for 3 in the heart of Waikiki. There are only 2 rooms for 3 people, but with a rotation system it can be endured without any problems. Besides, you’re not home most of the time anyway.

The tuition fees are shocking at first, but there are some advantages to this university. For example, a computer lab with 4 large PC rooms, each with around 20 PCs. All with the latest programs you need for college. There are also conference rooms (great for group work) and 2 Mac Labs, i.e. 2 rooms that look exactly like the PC Labs, but with Macs.

Tips summarized:

If you are interested in learning to surf, buy a board. You can borrow it for $ 5 an hour with your student ID, but you often go out with your own board. You can sell it afterwards (partly for a profit) via craigslist.com.

Rents cars on the Internet through a provider in Germany.

Go out a lot and explore the world. It is an indescribable moment while snorkeling to meet a White Tip Shark or Turtles at once.

Buy a snorkel set or at least a pair of diving goggles (ABC Store $ 8-20)

Definitely fly to the other islands.

Don’t buy your university books right away.

Study in groups on the beach. And generally makes study groups. You don’t have to learn the same things, but everyone has to hand in assignments and study for exams, so just sit down and everyone learns their thing. At least that way you don’t feel alone.

Buy a bike. You can also sell it again. The bus system is good, but not perfect;). And after a while, driving a bus gets a little on your nerves in the terrific weather.

Travel tips:

Big Island: Dryland, Manta Ray Snorkeling by night, Mauna Kea at sunset
Kauai: Na Pali Coast Hike, Polihale State Park, snorkeling
Maui: Haleakala at sunrise, Road to Hana, La Perouse Bay, Westshore, Whalewatching
On O’ahu you will live, you don’t need any tips for that. You have time to look at everything!
Go quietly to the small islands. You rarely find such seclusion in our fast-paced society!
Have fun:-)

Hawaii Pacific University Review (2)