Hartwick College

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Hartwick College

Upstate New York college in Oneonta is independent and has a liberal-arts emphasis. Take a virtual tour.

Website: http://www.hartwick.edu/

Hartwick College – Alumni Association

Find a list of officers and send emails to them. Enjoy a photo of board members.

Website: http://www.hartwick.edu/alumni/associat.html

Hartwick College – Anthropology

Find out how to major or minor in the subject at this New York college. Meet the instructors and learn about opportunities for field research.

Website: http://www.hartwick.edu/anthropology/anthro.htm

Hartwick College – Department of History

HC’s Department of History supplies details about its degree programs, major/minor requirements and faculty. Located in Oneonta, New York.

Website: http://www.hartwick.edu/academic/hist.html

Hartwick College – Psychology

Offers an overview of the undergraduate major in psychology, provides faculty email, outlines the curriculum and describes courses.

Website: http://www.hartwick.edu/academic/psyc.html

Hartwick College – Spanish Department

Shares an overview of the course requirements, as well as faculty biographies. Includes course summaries.

Website: http://www.hartwick.edu/academic/span.html

Hartwick College – Women’s Studies Minor

Examine a general overview of the concentration, a faculty list, program requirements and course descriptions. Located in Oneonta.

Website: http://www.hartwick.edu/academic/wmst.html