Hampshire College

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How is Hampshire College abbreviated? It is commonly known as HC. Look at the following image, and you can find some other meanings of HC. Just click the image to see all definitions of HC.

Hampshire College

Liberal-arts college in Amherst offers students the option to customize their courses of study to their interests. Get to know its five schools.

Website: http://www.hampshire.edu/

Hampshire College – Academic Programs

Discusses the academic progression involved with obtaining a degree at Hampshire College. Includes details about requirements and projects.

Website: http://www.hampshire.edu/academics/general/acadprogram.shtml

Hampshire College – Alumni

Get a list of this group’s council members, or read about related events and activities. Offers access to the alumni library and email directory.

Website: http://www.hampshire.edu/alumni

Hampshire College – Biography

Features faculty bios for each academic school. Includes contact information and photographs.

Website: http://www3.hampshire.edu/biography/

Hampshire College – Campus Life

Offers orientation information and details about student services. Includes an academic calendar and an overview of the farm center.

Website: http://www.hampshire.edu/campus/

Hampshire College – Course Guide

Offers a list of courses by school. Includes a class catalog, and details about future and past program information.

Website: http://courses.hampshire.edu/

Hampshire College – Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies

Develop critical skills at the School of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies. Check out faculty bios, programs, events, and course descriptions.

Website: http://www.hampshire.edu/academics/hacu/

Hampshire College – Interdisciplinary Arts

Find programs in theatre, sculpture, writing, drawing, design, and computer animation. Check out course descriptions, faculty bios, and a student gallery.

Website: http://www.hampshire.edu/academics/ia/

Hampshire College – Multicultural Education

Features an overview and history of the multicultural education program. Includes resources and a calendar of events.

Website: http://www.hampshire.edu/offices/ome/me/

Hampshire College – Natural Science

Provides course descriptions, faculty bios, curriculum details, and student research related to the investigation of the natural sciences.

Website: http://www.hampshire.edu/academics/ns/

Hampshire College – News

Posts media releases, faculty publications, and project information. Includes general data and statistics about the student body.

Website: http://www.hampshire.edu/news/

Hampshire College – School of Cognitive Science

Take a look at course descriptions, faculty bios, and curriculum details for the school of cognitive science. Includes contact information and an overview of the program.

Website: http://www.hampshire.edu/academics/cs/

Hampshire College – School of Social Sciences

Check out this program that examines issues related to social science and change. Peruse course descriptions, faculty bios, and curriculum details.

Website: http://www.hampshire.edu/academics/ss/

Hampshire College – Student Work

Check out the student work and Division III projects of those attending Hampshire College. Includes movie trailers and research.

Website: http://www.hampshire.edu/academics/student_work/