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Gibraltar city center is a true shopper’s paradise. All items are tax-reduced and VAT-free. Most of the shops are in the western part of the city. Main Street and some of the surrounding streets, alleys and squares have been developed into a pedestrian zone, which is great for strolling around. Here you will also find Irish Town Street (formerly Calle de Santa Ana), one of the most famous and oldest shopping streets in the city. Mostly luxury items such as silk, linen, jewellery, perfume, carvings, radios, leather items, electronics, photographic items, cashmere wool and watches are on offer. The most popular items include alcohol and tobacco products. Many Spaniards come to Gibraltar to shop and bus companies run day trips for tourists from the nearby Costa del Sol, so the city can get quite busy from mid-morning until early evening. Grocery stores stock a selection of exotic spices and cooking ingredients, whole grains, and organic foods. There is English jam and a large selection of different teas. In the tourist shops there are numerous souvenirs such as key chains, lighters, T-shirts, plates, postcards or stuffed animals. Those looking for a special Gibraltar souvenir should visit the Gibraltar Crystal Factory (website: where you can customize your own wine glass.

Opening hours

Mon-Fri 10am-7.30pm, Sat 10am-1pm. Some shops are also open on Sundays.



Nightlife in Gibraltar is surprisingly diverse and lively. There are several discos and nightclubs that stay open until the early hours. Numerous cozy pubs and wine bars invite you to linger. Many hotels have a cocktail bar. The casino complex with a restaurant, nightclub, roof restaurant (summer) and gaming rooms is open from 09.00 until dawn. Most places are on Main Street. One of the most popular pubs is the Horseshoe, for example, which has a beautiful outdoor area. The Angry Friar also has outdoor tables, from which one has a good view of the Governor’s Residence opposite (also known as The Convent) and can watch the changing of the guard. The Piccadilly Garden Bar is close to the cable car and has a cozy beer garden to offer. Fresh draft beer is served in the Clipper Bar. Casemate Square hosts regular events throughout the summer months. There are also a particularly large number of pubs, clubs and cafés in the vicinity, such as the Lord Nelson Bar, where live music is regularly played. If you like it a little livelier, go to the Rock on the rock club or to the Club The Tunnel. Salsa is offered in the Latinos. Karaoke is available during the week at All’s Well and The Little Rock. Up-to-date event information is available from the Tourist Information Centre.



There are bars and bistros everywhere, with opening times corresponding to those in other Mediterranean countries. Due to the geographical location of Gibraltar and its history, the local cuisine is characterized by Maltese and Italian, but above all by British and Spanish influences. Due to the geographic location, fresh fish and seafood are often on the menu. It’s rare to find a restaurant that offers Gibraltarian food. However, there is a wide range of British, French, Chinese and Indian restaurants in every price range, most of which are located along Main Road and the surrounding streets. Who likes to eat tapas should visit one of the many Spanish restaurants. British beer is usually served in the pubs, and almost everywhere you can also order a portion of fish & chips. There is a wide range of cafes, most of which are located in Casemates Square. More and more gastronomic establishments are also gradually opening up at the newly created Marina Bay at the yacht harbour. most of which are in Casemates Square. More and more gastronomic establishments are also gradually opening up at the newly created Marina Bay at the yacht harbour. most of which are in Casemates Square. More and more gastronomic establishments are also gradually opening up at the newly created Marina Bay at the yacht harbour.

Regional specialities

Tortilla (omelette) with spinach Calentita and panissa (both are a kind of quiche made from chickpea flour)


Service is already included in hotel bills. A service charge of 10-15% is expected in restaurants and cafés. Taxi drivers and porters also expect a tip.

Regional drinks

Spirits and tobacco products are very cheap. All types of alcoholic beverages including draft beer (at the Gibraltar Arms pub) are available.

Minimum age for consumption of alcoholic beverages

In Gibraltar you can drink beer and wine from the age of 16 and spirits from the age of 18. In restaurants and pubs, alcohol may not be served or sold to young people under the age of 18.



The spectrum ranges from luxury hotels with shopping arcades, bars and swimming pools to simple accommodation. Peak season is April 1st – October 31st. Information from the Gibraltar Tourist Board (see addresses).


Camping is prohibited, but beach tents and umbrellas, including two sun loungers, can be hired from the villagers at Catalan Bay. Pitches are limited and should be booked in advance. Tents may only be used during the day. Very well equipped campsites are located across the border in Spain.



78.1% Roman Catholic, 7% Anglican, 3.2% other Christian; 4% Muslims; jewish minority.

Social Rules of Conduct

General: British and southern European customs merge into a traditional way of life in Gibraltar. There can be long traffic jams at the border with Spain, patience is required here. Scooter and motorbike riders are often allowed to drive past the queues of cars. Drivers who try to get in front of each other must expect to be sent back to the end of the queue. Manners: The usual forms of politeness should be observed. They shake hands to greet each other, but a kiss on both cheeks is more personal. If you are invited to dinner, the hosts will be happy to receive a bouquet of flowers or a small gift. The meal begins after all guests have been served. Clothing: Casual attire is appropriate almost everywhere, jeans and a smart top are appropriate for most occasions. More elegant attire is only expected at official events and in exclusive restaurants. Proper attire is expected when entering churches. Swimwear belongs on the beach. Crime: The crime rate in Gibraltar is low. However, the Barbary apes living freely on the rock should be treated with caution: they are skilled pickpockets and are after everything edible. Photographing: People should be asked before photographing them. Photography is prohibited in some churches and cultural institutions. Smoking: There is still no statutory smoking ban in Gibraltar. However, non-smoking areas should be observed. Some hotels offer extra non-smoking rooms.


Best travel time

Warm all year round. Summers (May – Sept) are very warm, sometimes muggy; the winters are mild, no snow.

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Gibraltar flag vs map