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Galleries and tourist shops sell beautiful ceramics, embroidery and jewelry. A bottle of Georgian wine or brandy is also a nice gift. Antiques (carpets and icons) may only be exported with the permission of the Ministry of Culture, and high export duties are also levied. Items for sale in tourist shops generally already have this export permit. A shopping spree along Rustaveli Boulevard in Tbilisi offers a wide variety of shops to browse. Here you will find everything from souvenirs to fashion to art that tourists like to look for. The food market Desertirebis Bazari with goods such as Georgian specialties, fresh produce and wine is located in Tbilisi near the main train station. A flea market selling great Soviet-era souvenirs regularly sets up its stalls by the Mshrali Bridge behind Tbilisi’s National Gallery.

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Opening hours

Shop opening hours: Mon-Sat 09.00-17.00.



In Tbilisi, the Bassiani discotheque is a big attraction for young people. Most of the nightlife takes place in the international hotels. There is a casino at the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel. The city’s open-air concerts and festivals are also popular. The National Georgian Dance Ensemble is famous, but almost always tours abroad, so there is little opportunity to admire their skills in Tbilisi. The Georgian State Theater in Rustaveli also has a good reputation and is best known for Shakespeare productions.



According to a Georgian legend, when God divided the land among the people, Georgians were so busy eating and drinking that they lost their place in the queue and got nothing. However, when they invited God to their feast, He was so pleased and savored that He gave them the best land that He really wanted to keep for Himself. Walnuts are often used, e.g. B. to thicken sauces and soups. Wherever the word “Satsivi” appears on the menu, the respective dish is served in a hearty sauce with walnuts and egg, seasoned with herbs and garlic. Gozinaki, walnuts in caramel glaze, are very tempting desserts. Churchkela, walnuts, which are strung on a thread, dipped in sweet grape juice and then dried. Unlike most Caucasian countries, Georgia does not only eat lamb. Suckling pig is often served, veal and chicken are grilled or stewed in various sauces. Tschakokbili, a stew with lots of herbs, tomatoes and peppers, is particularly popular. A range of hot and cold dishes are usually served at the start of the meal, including mostly spicy fried liver and other offal, lobio (bean and walnut salad), marinated eggplant, pkali (baby spinach leaves mashed together with fresh spices), kachapuri (several layers of flatbread and melted cheese) and last but not least various fresh and pickled vegetables as well as bastuma (smoked meat). Even in Gorbachev’s time, numerous private cafés, restaurants and bars were opening, which were severely affected by the crisis. Beverages: White and red wines are pressed. Kindschmareuli is a dry white wine. Gurjani is slightly sweeter in taste. The dry Tsinandali is also recommended. Akascheni (fruity) and Teliani (dry) are the most famous red wines.



Predominantly Christian (65% Georgian Orthodox, 10% Russian Orthodox), Islam (11%), Jewish minority.

Social Rules of Conduct

Social etiquette: Georgians are known for their sociability and hospitality. In restaurants, foreign guests are often invited to a bottle of wine. Invitations home are also gladly extended. Small souvenirs such as chocolate, flowers or spirits are welcome. Despite government efforts, crime remains a problem and many Georgians are armed. It is generally advisable not to have any valuables with you and if possible not to be out after dark.


Best travel time

Different climate depending on the region and altitude. Alpine in the Caucasus, warm and subtropical-humid in the coastal regions, continental climate in the east and south, Mediterranean in western Georgia, desert climate in the southeast in the steppe landscape of Garedja. Highest rainfall in the southwest. April to June and early autumn are usually the best months to travel to Georgia.

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Georgia flag vs map