Fudan University Review (7)

Fudan University Review (7)


First of all, I can say that it was definitely the best decision I could make and that I would love to spend another semester there. There were many different reasons that led me to choose Shanghai / PR China as the destination for my semester abroad. First of all, there was general interest in the PRC and Chinese culture. For example, I had already attended a language course at my German university for this purpose. In addition, I liked the structure of the Contemporary China Studies Program (CCSP). In addition to the courses at Fudan University, which is one of the most renowned universities in China, it was also possible to do internships via Fudan University. To make it clearer, I would like to divide the experience report into different categories:

1. Application

Here’s to say that everything went smoothly and quickly through MicroEDU which was incredibly helpful. Open questions were also answered immediately by e-mail, which I thought was great. Therefore, the effort for the application was not particularly high.┬áVisit act-test-centers.com to get information about Switzerland higher education.

When I arrived at the Shanghai airport, I was welcomed nicely by some students studying at Fudan University. Then we drove to Wujiaochang, where Fudan University and Tohee Dormitory are located. When I applied, I had already decided on the Tohee dormitory, which in retrospect turned out to be the right one. It has many advantages. You are close to Fudan University, which can be easily reached on foot, and you can quickly come into contact with other foreign students. It should be mentioned that in the PRC, dormitories between Chinese and foreign students are separated. You will therefore only meet foreign students at Tohee. You live in a shared apartment. I had two other roommates who were from the US. However, there were also smaller shared apartments with a total of only two residents. It depends on the room you choose when you choose the Tohee as your accommodation. The rooms are furnished as standard. The Tohee has a nice atmosphere. In addition to the very poor internet speed, I found it negative that the people in charge could sometimes speak insufficient English, which was not helpful with problems or concerns.

3. Study

At Fudan University we had a choice of courses to choose from. Of course, it depends on each individual how many courses are attended. The degree of difficulty of the course was much lower than in Germany. The courses were completed in different ways. It varied greatly and was dependent on the respective courses. I also saw many fellow students doing essays while I had to give individual and group presentations. You have to read the course descriptions carefully. Otherwise there is still the possibility of doing practical work during or after the semester, which was also one of the reasons for a semester abroad in Shanghai for me.

4. Wujiaochang district

Wujiaochang is located in the north of Shanghai. As already mentioned, the Tohee Dormitory and Fudan University are located in this district. To get to the city of Shanghai, the metro is recommended. Line 10 goes to Wujiaochang and the closest station to Tohee is Jiangwan Stadium. In addition to many shopping opportunities, there are also a few restaurants in Wujiaochang. You can go shopping, for example, directly in the row of shops in front of the Tohee building or at Walmart, which is about a quarter of an hour’s walk from Tohee and where there is really everything you need to live.
When it comes to catering options, there is also variety. Whether street food, fast food shops or nice restaurants. Especially in the Daxue Lu, which is not far from Tohee, there is good food. There are also other catering options in the row of shops in front of the Tohee dormitory.

5. Night life

Shanghai has so much to offer and there is something for everyone. You have countless clubs and bars to choose from. It almost always started in Helen’s Bar, which is only a few minutes away from Tohee. There the prices are cheap and you get to know a lot of new people from different countries. Then it goes on in one of the countless clubs, depending on what is desired for you. Clubs like the M2 are more westernized, whereas I thought the 88 or the Phebe were more Chinese. The prices in the clubs can also reach the western standard. It is therefore advisable to get in touch with promoters. By the way, the taxi should be used, as it is much cheaper than in Germany and you can get anywhere without any problems. The metro doesn’t run at night either.


Living in an exciting metropolis like Shanghai and getting to know many new people from different cultures was a great experience. Shanghai is breathtaking and indescribable. The city has so many facets and a lot to offer, be it the ultra-modern Pudong in the city center or the former Jewish quarter, where old houses still stand and it looks even more traditional. I was able to gain an incredible number of impressions. Beijing and the Great Wall of China are also unforgettable experiences for me. I have to say that I miss the time very much and will definitely visit Shanghai again. I can definitely recommend this semester abroad!

Fudan University Review (7)