Fudan University Review (10)

Fudan University Review (10)


At the beginning I was a little skeptical about China, it would probably not have been my next vacation destination or the one after that. In spite of that, it made me curious and in the end I decided to go with it, hoping to broaden my horizons.



Applying with MicroEDU was very easy and straightforward.


I booked my flights through STA-Travel. In the end, I was very happy about that, because I had to rebook my return flight twice and they took care of it each time.

If you still intend to travel at the end of the day, it is better to book a one-way flight first, as rebooking is not always free and the exact travel plans in Shanghai often emerge first. Visit anycountyprivateschools.com to get information about 3 best universities in Washington DC.


I applied for the visa through an agency, which cost about 30 € more but was very uncomplicated. Many have applied for it directly at the Chinese embassy or consulate, which was probably possible without any further problems.


I chose an apartment in Tohee, which I was very happy with. The university campus is directly opposite and you get to know a lot of people very quickly.

I shared a really big apartment with my roommate. We had both chosen the most expensive rooms at 95 and 90 CNY a day, so each had their own bathroom.

Personally, I would not recommend booking the cheapest category as you will be living in a building where many of my friends have had problems with mold, constantly cold shower water, etc.

You can either take the subway into the city or you take a taxi with several people, which is really okay in terms of price. Otherwise there are many restaurants, supermarkets and pubs right outside the door or nearby. I bought a bike with which I could move around the large university grounds more quickly. The bikes are quite cheap at € 30, but they are also very shaky.

You have to pay additional costs for gas, water and electricity per month. The first few months were really fine, we paid between 80 and 130 CNY per month. Last month, however, the utility bills were significantly higher at CNY 300. The price was justified with the heating costs, which was not really apparent to us. Well, unfortunately, there is absolutely no point in discussing, just calculating and paying.

Shanghai has a large selection of clubs, so fun is not neglected either. As long as it is warm, I would recommend visiting a rooftop bar on the Bund, the skyline is just amazing.


My courses were: Chinese Society and Culture, Doing Business in China, Global Sourcing and Supply Chain Management in China and Political Economy in China.

I was very happy with my choice of course, and I also attended the Chinese language course, which was one of the best. Since many Chinese do not speak English, it makes a lot of sense to know a few words and phrases in Chinese.

Depending on the course, there are mid-term tests, group work and homework. The courses are all held in English.

All courses can still be viewed on site and, if necessary, can be chosen again.


I would advise everyone to use the time and travel to China. I myself have been to Hangzhou, Hainan, Beijing and Guilin, all of which were really great in their own way. Since the four months are over quickly and in the end you have to do a lot with homework and exams, I would advise you to start planning your trip relatively quickly.

In addition, after the semester abroad, it is a good idea to travel around a little in Asia. Most of my friends, like me, took advantage of this.


All in all, it’s not a very cheap treat. Unfortunately, I don’t know the exact number (I don’t dare to calculate it either), but with all the trimmings it cost between € 11,000-13,000. In the price, of course, the tuition fees, living costs and all my trips are included.


It was a really great time that I wouldn’t want to miss in my life. I met a lot of great people and was pleasantly surprised by China.

Shanghai is a really great city where you can experience a lot. I never felt unsafe or uncomfortable for a day. Of course the costs are very high, but you experience and learn a lot.

Fudan University Review (10)