Fudan University Review (1)

Fudan University Review (1)


I am currently studying trade management in the 6th semester and my curriculum stipulates that a semester abroad must be completed in the 5th semester. So everything started with the questions where do I want to go, which country excites me and what will help me professionally at the same time? I didn’t really have to think about it for long and my choice was much quicker on China, with Shanghai in particular piquing my interest. After a short research and consultation with our international office, I came across the CCSP program from MicroEDU. I particularly liked the diversity and the all-round organization, as it was out of the question for me, for example, to start my semester abroad without accommodation, as some of my fellow students had planned.

But I still had some unanswered questions about the structure, process, etc. Since my university of applied sciences works closely with MicroEDU, I had the opportunity to attend a personal consultation at the FH a few days later and clarify any open questions. After that, nothing stood in the way of the application. Visit act-test-centers.com to get information about Turkey higher education.


I found the compilation of the application documents easy, because various instructions were provided with which this should not be a problem. However, so that nothing goes wrong or is missing, the documents are checked in advance and only then forwarded by post. After a while you will receive further information including feedback. Overall, you are always kept up to date and always get answers quickly if you have any questions. We even received a complete handbook for everyday life with useful tips in advance. I really enjoyed this support and I never felt “left alone” on my way to China.

The anticipation increased more and more and at the beginning of September it finally started. You had the option of being picked up from the airport in advance. But since I decided to arrive the day before, I went alone to the dormitory, the Tohee.

The Tohee international Student Village is located right next to Fudan and consists of several high-rise buildings in which there are only shared apartments. The room category and size of the flat share was selected in advance. I had decided on a 2-person flat share. Unfortunately, I did not get the room I had originally chosen, but I was informed of this in advance and a different room category was offered instead. I agreed to this and in the end defect I was still pleasantly surprised at the size and features. However, you should be prepared from the outset that these are Chinese standards that cannot be compared with a German standard. Also with the cleanliness it was a little difficult when handing over the keys and the apartment.

All in all, almost all of the participants from our program were accommodated in Tohee and you quickly made contact with both these and other students and the first friendships and cliques formed after the first 2 days. Tohee offered a colorful mix from almost every country in the world, including Germans, of course. My roommate even came from a nearby town and we got along well from the start.

Directly in front of the dormitory there are various places to eat for little money, where everyone should find something. In addition, a so-called street food market is set up in front of the dormitory every evening at 6 and 9 a. m. At the beginning you may still have a few reservations, at least I had this, but after a while you will find that the food is not only cheap but also delicious.

The program

In the first week everything started with a so-called introductory week, in which we were shown the area and the city as well as the campus and, among other things, we were helped to acquire a Chinese cell phone number. Because it would have been quite a difficult undertaking on its own, as almost no one speaks English. These excursions were useful, but by and large we made our own experiences in everyday life, especially in the first week, and learned to communicate with hands and feet.
In the rest of the program, trips to various sights, cities and other leisure activities were offered again and again.

Studying at Fudan University

There are several options to participate in the CCSP program. I decided on 5 courses and the Chinese (Mandarin) language course (without internship), as otherwise I would not have received enough points for the entire semester to be credited at my home university of applied sciences.

The courses were always attended by all participants in the CCSP program and in some cases also by cooperating programs. So in most cases there was a maximum of 50 people in a course. However, I thought it was a shame that we were separated a little and it was difficult to establish contact with local students, as they were not in a course with us. Overall, however, the level was okay, if not a little too easy at times. But what idiot complains seriously about something in a semester abroad;). Apart from that, I would have liked the lecturers to coordinate better with each other so that there is no duplication in the various lectures and topics are not dealt with more than once.

The Chinese course was divided into different levels, which were determined at the beginning with the help of a test. Since I had no previous knowledge, it was clear to me that I would attend a course for beginners.

There were 10 participants in my Chinese course, which enabled intensive learning and our teacher was able to cater to each and every one of them. Especially because of the practical relevance, you learn very quickly and improve your vocabulary rapidly. After just a few weeks, for example, you could communicate with the seller in the corner shop or order a meal, which was otherwise only possible with a pantomime theater performance. Especially if you only speak a few bits of Chinese, you just notice that people treat you very differently and that there are no language barriers in your way. For the most part, you are even corrected with a smile.


I found Shanghai to be a very interesting and vibrant city, in which you have so many different options and you should never get bored. We tried to visit all kinds of sights from the start, but Shanghai is so big that I haven’t been able to see everything until today. I was particularly fascinated by this versatility and the associated contrasts between new and old. It is difficult to describe such a lively city and I recommend everyone to get their own picture, because I have had the experience that you either love Shanghai or hate it and there is nothing in between. I am definitely one of the lovers and will definitely come back.


In summary, it can be said that studying in Shanghai and participating in the CCSP program are among the best times of my life and I can only recommend everyone to do the same. All the experiences and impressions have definitely shaped me a lot and prompted me to look at many things from a more critical point of view. Despite the all-round support, I still find the price for the program excessive, as the costs listed in the invoice for the individual activities are too high. In my opinion, there is an urgent need for action so that this is in an appropriate price / performance ratio. In addition, it would be advisable to compare the excursions a little with the submission and examination dates of the individual courses.
Overall, I can still draw a positive conclusion and am already planning my next stay.

Fudan University Review (1)