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How is Evangel University abbreviated? It is commonly known as EU. Look at the following image, and you can find some other meanings of EU. Just click the image to see all definitions of EU.

Evangel College

Take a tour of the campus of this school based in Springfield, Missouri. Includes college facts, and news for alumni.

Website: http://www.evangel.edu/

Evangel University – Alumni

Get the latest on reunions and homecoming, including a breakdown of scheduled events and available childcare. With an email directory.

Website: http://www.evangel.edu/Alumni

Evangel University – Behavioral Sciences

Investigate major requirements and degree information, and peruse faculty biographies. Find an overview of the social work program and scan alumni details.

Website: http://www.evangel.edu/Academics/BehavioralSciences/index.as

Evangel University – Biblical Studies & Philosophy

Investigate major details and degree information for the biblical studies and philosophy programs. Find a sample of classes, awards, and a catalog.

Website: http://www.evangel.edu/Academics/BiblicalStudies/index.asp

Evangel University – Business

Offers degree and major information for the business program at Evangel University. Includes a sample of classes, faculty biographies, and a catalog.

Website: http://www.evangel.edu/Academics/Business/index.asp

Evangel University – Communications

Check out major and degree information, faculty biographies, class details, and a catalog of events for the department. Find FAQ, related links, and resources.

Website: http://www.evangel.edu/Academics/Communication/index.asp

Evangel University – Education

View catalog information, class details, faculty biogrpahies, and program details for the education department at Evangel Univ. Find five major and master options.

Website: http://www.evangel.edu/Academics/Education/index.asp

Evangel University – Employment

Christian college offers a university employment board with links to current openings.

Website: http://www.evangel.edu/General/CareerDevelopment/Services/St

Evangel University – Humanities

Investigate catalog details, class information, major and minor requirements, and faculty bios for the humanities department. Find a complete program description as well.

Website: http://www.evangel.edu/Academics/Humanities/index.asp

Evangel University – Music

Check out catalog information, class details, faculty biographies, and career opportunities from the music department at Evangel University. Includes degree requirements.

Website: http://www.evangel.edu/Academics/Music/index.asp

Evangel University – Physical Education

Get in shape with a degree from the physical education department of Evangel University. Check out classes, facilities, degrees, and faculty biographies.

Website: http://www.evangel.edu/Academics/PhysicalEducation/index.asp

Evangel University – Science and Technology

View catalog information, faculty bios, major and degree details, and career opportunities for those majoring in science and technology.

Website: http://www.evangel.edu/Academics/ScienceandTechnology/index.

Evangel University – Social Sciences

Posts catalog information, class details, degree requirements, and alumni surveys for the social science department. Find faculty biographies and contact information.

Website: http://www.evangel.edu/Academics/SocialSciences/index.asp