Attractions in Tenerife, Spain

Entertainment and Attractions in Tenerife, Spain


The heart of the island and the main of all its attractions is Teide National Park, or more precisely, the attention of travelers is attracted by the volcano of the same name located on its territory, which is the highest peak of the Atlantic Ocean. The height of Teide is more than 3700 m, which makes climbing it almost a full-fledged mountain climb. Almost – because the volcano is quite peaceful, and its slopes are not dangerous: roads are laid across the area, and a funicular brings you to the top of Teide. Today you can climb to the crater itself, from where amazing views of the island and the entire archipelago open up. Check 3rjewelry for other cities and countries as well as geography in Europe.

Since we are talking about natural beauties, it is worth noting that the landscapes of Tenerife are, perhaps, its main advantage. The whole island is a solid setting for science fiction films, and for this it is loved by the creators of blockbusters. In the national park, as well as near the cliffs of Los Gigantes, they filmed, for example, the Clash of the Titans. There are many other beautiful places on the island, including: Teno Cape, Benijo Beach, Mask Gorge, Laurel Forest.

To the east of the volcano is another park, impressive for its almost alien views Pyramids Guimar. Who, when and for what purpose these mysterious structures were created is unknown. It is only proved that the pyramids were erected many centuries ago, they were clearly the object of worship of the natives and, possibly, are related to astronomical cycles.

Of the more modern man-made attractions, we note the Auditorio de Tenerife concert hall in Santa Cruz. The building attracts attention with its scale and avant-garde design, and the beauty of the sound of the local organ, they say, has no equal in the whole world.

The city of Orotava is interesting from a tourist point of view with a very colorful historical center and well-preserved Canarian architecture. In June, Carpet Day is held here, during which the streets and squares of the city are covered with amazingly beautiful canvases of sand, stones and flowers.

In addition, local guides offer many excursions to the guests of the island. Of these, the most interesting, perhaps, is a boat trip to the “hellish walls” of Los Gigantes. Huge cliffs hanging over the ocean amaze with their grandeur, and whales like to splash around the rocks, which, according to reviews, are very friendly and swim very close to the yachts.

In February – March, a bright carnival takes place in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, second in grandeur only to the Brazilian one.

10 things to do in Tenerife

  1. Visit the show with dolphins or fur seals in Loro Park, admire the marine life in the aquarium and stare at the parrots in large numbers there.
  2. See the islands of La Gomera and Gran Canaria by climbing to the top of Roque del Conde.
  3. Be sure to visit the Teide National Park in order to admire the lunar landscapes.
  4. Have a good time in the nightclubs of the resorts of Las Americas and Los Cristianos.
  5. With a sightseeing tour, drive through Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the capital of the island.
  6. Take gorgeous photos on black sand beaches.
  7. Enjoy a chamber music concert or a dance show within the walls of the Auditorio de Tenerife.
  8. Go to the city of Guimar in the south of Tenerife to the bizarre pyramids.
  9. Admire miniature copies of architectural monuments in the Pueblo Chico Park.
  10. Treat the eye with lush vegetation in the botanical garden in Puerto de la Cruz.

Tenerife for children

If the southern part of the island, where the sun is hotter and the ocean is calmer, is more suitable for families with children, then for entertainment you need to go north – to the gates of Loro Parque. This is the best place in Tenerife. No zoo in the world can boast of such an impressive collection of exotic birds. A sea of ​​impressions is given to guests by spectacular shows, the main characters of which are parrots, dolphins, killer whales and sea lions. Must-sees are the penguinarium and the shark tunnel.

At the box office, immediately take a “twin ticket”, which will allow you to pay a visit to another very popular place – Siam Park. This water park is one of the largest in all of Europe; it impresses not only with the grandeur of the rides and the height of the waves (3.3 m!), but also with its architecture. Its slides look like giant snakes intertwined with each other, and a creepy dragon lies in wait at the start of the downhill. This is the idea: Siam Park is a piece of Thailand, wedged between Europe and Africa.

The park will be interesting for both children and adults, but some people may not have grown up to its entertainment yet. Toddlers who want to ride too will find the Aqualand slides less intimidating. He, they say, is already old and shabby, but not formidable at all. And the performances of dolphins may well compete with the performances of Loro Park.

You can admire the predators, demonstrating the miracles of training, in Eagle Park, also known as “Jungle Park”. His calling card is impressive shows with the participation of proud birds. Raccoons and monkeys roam in the man-made jungle, not embarrassed by people. The most unfriendly representatives of the animal world – lions, tigers, jaguars, crocodiles – are under the supervision of the administration.

A lot of fun awaits the guests of the Monkey Park. Do not forget to grab dates at the entrance – monkeys are spoiled here. For a long time, children freeze near the enclosures with fluffy and completely tame lemurs, it is not even forbidden to play with them.


Tenerife is a year-round resort, the air temperature on the island is stable in winter and summer. It is warmest in August, and most comfortable in September. The coolest months are January-February. In winter, the probability of precipitation is higher, but rainfall is the lot of the north, open to all winds.

And on the other side of the volcano, on the south coast, the humidity is noticeably lower, the waves are smaller, and the temperature difference can be noticeable – on some days the thermometers are 5-6 degrees higher than the northern ones. Such a contrast does not create inconveniences for relaxation, rather, on the contrary, it pleases with diversity. It can even be regarded as a little Tenerife-style climate adventure, because in the middle of the trip it can even snow at all… if you go to the mountains. So a warm sweater on the island never hurts.

Attractions in Tenerife, Spain