Eastern New Mexico University-Main Campus

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How is Eastern New Mexico University abbreviated? It is commonly known as ENMU. Look at the following image, and you can find some other meanings of ENMU. Just click the image to see all definitions of ENMU.

Eastern N.M. Univ. – Curriculum & Instruction Dept.

Summary of this department’s reading-education program includes an accreditation schedule and staff contact details.

Website: http://www.enmu.edu/~siegelj/soe~1.htm

Eastern New Mexico Univ. – School of Music

Posts a list of degrees and courses and offers information about music ensembles. Presents details about scholarships and financial assistance.

Website: http://www.enmu.edu/~dobsonp/music/music.html

Eastern New Mexico Univ. – Students with Disabilities

Services extend to support groups, special testing arrangements, taped texts, interpreters and note-takers. Includes contact number.

Website: http://www.enmu.edu/stdservices/ssd.html

Eastern New Mexico University

Portales, N.M., institution presents the user with the exhibit schedules of its various museums. Be beamed to the school’s Roswell campus.

Website: http://www.enmu.edu/

Eastern New Mexico University – Alumni Association

Read an overview of the organization, or learn about the scholarships sponsored by the association. Includes contact details.

Website: http://www.enmu.edu/~cowenj/assoc.htm

Eastern New Mexico University – Employment

Categorizes jobs by type which include faculty and administrative positions. Select an area to see what’s available as well as a job description.

Website: http://www.enmu.edu/users/dahla/empopp/empopp.htm

Eastern New Mexico University – Financial Aid

Learn about Native American Tribal Scholarships and Air Force Aid Society grants at this Portales university. Includes contact information.

Website: http://www.enmu.edu/~davisja/scholar.html

Eastern New Mexico University – Women’s Studies Program

Take a look at program requirements, a FAQ, course listings, and related links for the women’s study program at this univ. in Portales, N.M.

Website: http://www.enmu.edu/~keatinga/WomensStudiesHome.html

Eastern New Mexico University Student Support Services

Provides announcements, general information, feedback, links and services related to the student support services department.

Website: http://www.enmu.edu/~wallm/welcome.html

Eastern New Mexico University Upward Bound

Find details about this upward bound program in New Mexico. Includes information about the full initiative and posts summer opportunities.

Website: http://www.enmu.edu/~gibsonj/2aubhome.htm