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How is Eastern Nazarene College abbreviated? It is commonly known as ENC. Look at the following image, and you can find some other meanings of ENC. Just click the image to see all definitions of ENC.

Eastern Nazarene College

Christian college in Quincy offers a variety of services. Get an application, see the campus directory or examine the list of majors.

Website: http://www.enc.edu/

Eastern Nazarene College – Alumni/ae and Friends

College’s alumni club provides event listings, a directory of alumni email addresses and descriptions of its job resources for graduates.

Website: http://www.enc.edu/main/alumni/alum_05c.html

Eastern Nazarene College – Business Management

Business department offers degree requirements for bachelors and associates programs. Includes faculty bios, course descriptions, and facility information.

Website: http://www.enc.edu/undergraduate_program/business.html

Eastern Nazarene College – Chemistry

Disocover why students major in chemistry. Check out program information, degree requirements, faculty bios, and course descriptions. Posts details about postgrad work.

Website: http://www.enc.edu/undergraduate_program/chemistry.html

Eastern Nazarene College – Communication Arts

Posts program information, degree requirements, faculty bios, course descriptions, and internship opportunities for the department. Provides an overview of facilities.

Website: http://www.enc.edu/undergraduate_program/commarts.html

Eastern Nazarene College – Computer Engineering

Check out program information and degree requirements for the computer engineering department. Peruse faculty bios and course descriptions for more information.

Website: http://www.enc.edu/undergraduate_program/compengineering.htm

Eastern Nazarene College – Computer Science Programs

Features degree information and requirements for the computer science department. Includes faculty bios, internship opportunities, and course descriptions.

Website: http://www.enc.edu/undergraduate_program/computersci.html

Eastern Nazarene College – Department of History

ENC’s Department of History supplies details about its degree programs, faculty and lecture series. Located in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Website: http://www.enc.edu/org/history/

Eastern Nazarene College – Early Childhood Education

Learn about child development through this college’s graduate and certification programs. Lists courses and requirements.

Website: http://www.enc.edu/main/academics/grad/master.html#earlychil

Eastern Nazarene College – Education Program

Investigate a career in education and teaching. Check out course descriptions, degree requirements, faculty bios, and facilities.

Website: http://www.enc.edu/undergraduate_program/education.html

Eastern Nazarene College – English

Discover what it takes to major in English literature at this college. Take a look at faculty bios, course descriptions, and program information.

Website: http://www.enc.edu/undergraduate_program/english.html

Eastern Nazarene College – Government

Take a look at government programs, faculty bios, and course descriptions for this college. Check out details about admissions and events.

Website: http://www.enc.edu/undergraduate_program/government.html

Eastern Nazarene College – International Studies

Check out this sequence of coursework related to the international studies program. Peruse major requirements, faculty bios, and class descriptions.

Website: http://www.enc.edu/undergraduate_program/intlstudies.html

Eastern Nazarene College – Mathematics

Take a peek at degree requirements, faculty bios, and course descriptions for the mathematics department. Includes a description of the offered facilities.

Website: http://www.enc.edu/undergraduate_program/math.html

Eastern Nazarene College – Music Department

Provides program information, degree requirements, faculty bios, music ensembles, and admissions requirements for the department. Includes course descriptions as well.

Website: http://www.enc.edu/undergraduate_program/music.html

Eastern Nazarene College – Psychology

Introduces students to the psychology department. Provides degree requirements, faculty bios, course descriptions, and post-grad possibilities.

Website: http://www.enc.edu/undergraduate_program/psychology.html