Dublin Business School Review (4)

Dublin Business School Review (4)


Why Ireland?

I chose Ireland because the DBS is not as expensive as most universities in England or Scotland and because Ireland is not as far away as America. It was important to me that I could be home quickly in an emergency. But I didn’t have any precise ideas about Ireland itself, as I had never been there before. In retrospect, I remember the island as one of the most beautiful places I’ve known so far. Outside of lectures and assignments, the country has an incredible number of beautiful landscapes to offer. Those who like nature should go to Ireland. But if you like shopping between skyscrapers and glancing lights, you should really choose a different destination.

Dublin Business School is pretty well organized. We had a contact person, Abigail, who really took care of all concerns and always answered emails quickly. Outwardly, of course, the university itself cannot be compared with Trinity College. You don’t have a campus or beautiful buildings, but you still feel that you are in very good hands. The modules were freely selectable. So I can credit all courses in Germany because I was able to tailor my course schedule directly to my needs. I had already chosen courses that I wanted to attend beforehand. Unfortunately, not everything was right, so I had to look for other courses. But these were quickly recognized by my university. In no case do not assume that you really get all courses exactly like this, as you imagined. It’s best to prepare alternative courses that your university should approve. The lessons are designed differently from lecturer to lecturer. There is a class size – 10-30 students per lecture. You can always turn to the lecturers, they were always helpful and friendly. The level is slightly lower than in Germany. Still, you have to be very strenuous to get a 1. Visit educationvv.com to get information about Brock University student exchange program.


I was staying at Vivahouse in (Dublin 8), as were some of my friends there. Other people have also looked for a student apartment privately. On average, you pay around € 450 a month in rent. The range is from € 300 to € 650. At Vivahouse I paid 550 € a month for a tiny room (about 6 square meters). I definitely cannot recommend Vivahouse. It’s okay as an emergency shelter if you can’t find anything else, but it’s better to take care of it early so you don’t have to stay at Vivahouse. Why? It’s dirty, the mattresses worn out, the rooms are not cleaned (you should do that yourself when you leave because otherwise you won’t get the deposit back), a lot is old and broken. In short: the price-performance ratio is by no means right!


In Germany I get by on € 500 a month (with rent!). So I’m very frugal and I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to spend a lot more in Dublin. I am taking away the illusion from you: Dublin is much more expensive than Berlin or other cities in Germany! You spend at least € 300 a month on food. Then you also want to see the area, travel and you may also need a bus ticket (100 € for a month, although you can often walk – Dublin is not a sprawling city)… In short: you should at least 1000 € per month available. No, it will definitely not be cheaper. I had hoped so too. As soon as you have arrived: Find the Lidl in your area. One is on Thomas Street. Most of them go shopping there. Spar, Tesco, etc. have simply horrific prices.

Dublin and environs

Dublin is a wonderful city. I fell in love with her from the first moment. I didn’t know what to expect as I had never been to Ireland. But when I arrived I immediately felt at home. There is live music every night in most of the pubs – that’s amazing. It just creates a completely different feeling and you really go from being a German club-goer to a pub lover.
Still: Sometimes you want to get out and see more. I was in Belfast for a day. I did that with a day tour, but here I can recommend: rather on your own. We only had 2 hours in Belfast – definitely not enough. The Cliffs of Moher is definitely a MUST HAVE when in Ireland. It’s wonderful there! I was also in Dublin’s immediate vicinity: Tramore, Waterfort, Sandymount, Malahide etc… There is a lot to see in Ireland. No matter what you do, you will not have done enough to say, “That’s enough. Ireland is ticked off. ”Because Ireland offers too many beautiful treasures, places and spots. I am glad I chose this country and I will definitely come back again!

Dublin Business School Review (4)