Dublin Business School Review (2)

Dublin Business School Review (2)


In spring 2018 I decided to do a semester abroad at Dublin Business School from autumn of the same year. The study abroad appealed to me just to expand my horizons in every way to break out of the usual student life of the home university to come into a completely new environment with very different people from different countries in touch to find out what it means, Not only to be on vacation in a foreign country, but to actually live there and of course to improve my English language skills.

It was therefore clear to me that I wanted to go to an English-speaking country. Since the tuition fees in the USA just seemed exorbitantly high to me, I already knew the country a little through a few trips and it had lost the appeal of something completely new to me and I felt emotionally from the USA due to the current political mood (keyword America First) distanced, I wanted to go somewhere else. Sometimes the good is closer than you think, I said to myself, turning my gaze to Europe. Since I wanted to go to a city and not to the country because of the international environment, I immediately thought of London and Dublin as the two most important English-speaking cities in Europe. Visit ehuacom.com to get information about SDSU study abroad program.

I already knew London and liked it to spend a few days there, but the city seemed too hectic, too confusing and also too criminal to live there, and as an avowed European I cannot identify with either the pound or the Brexit, I was increasingly concerned with Dublin in my planning. I had never been to Ireland before, but had only heard extremely positive things from all sides about this country in general and its capital in particular. And so I gathered as much information as possible about Dublin and the universities there through friends, acquaintances and the Internet.

The student advisors from MicroEDU helped me a lot and were at my side with advice and action on all questions about the different universities and the various courses of study. I was really impressed with how good the advice from MicroEDU is, including with regard to detailed questions about studying abroad.

Application process

With the help of MicroEDU, the application process was very easy, effortless and, above all, quick. I actually only had to fill out a few documents and collect some documents from my home university, there wasn’t much else to do. I decided on the European Certificate in International Business because the contents of this program convinced me the most and I was able to get credit for the corresponding modules for my home university.

College and courses

The DBS is located in the middle of Dublin, in the very heart of the city – it couldn’t be more central. It has a good reputation, there are many international students and numerous opportunities to do something outside of study. The student body there is very committed, so you can quickly make friends. There are always events such as weekend trips (e.g. surf trips), football matches, visits to pubs or museums, etc.

At DBS, I took six different courses, each with 5 ECTS points. The lectures were of a good standard and the professors in particular did a great job, because they always tried to discuss the subject areas with the students instead of just giving lectures. Less emphasis was placed on stubborn memorization than on forming one’s own opinion, which I liked very much because in Germany I often had the impression that I had to learn far too much by heart without being allowed to think about it.

I would also like to positively emphasize that there were a lot of group work and presentations. Although there was a written final exam in almost every subject (one of the six subjects ended with a slightly larger presentation), in which the questions were asked relatively openly, I liked the fact that not only this one exam was included in the assessment, but also also the grades for group work and presentations.


The semester abroad in Dublin was a complete success ! The DBS is a great university with interesting courses and friendly professors. Although you have to do something right for courses, there is still enough time for fun activities. Ireland is a wonderful country with breathtaking nature and Dublin is a colorful, internationally ambitious, lively but still cozy city. The Irish are a super personable, open and funny people who don’t miss out on having fun. However, you have to learn to deal with the rough and rainy weather – but as a consolation there is Guinness.

Dublin Business School Review (2)