Drew University

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How is Drew University abbreviated? It is commonly known as DU. Look at the following image, and you can find some other meanings of DU. Just click the image to see all definitions of DU.

Drew University

School in Madison, N.J., extends an invitation to prospective students with links to its financial-aid department and to campus news.

Website: http://www.drew.edu/

Drew University

Supplies a calendar of upcoming events, a faculty email directory, and a list of course requirements. Includes a department newsletter.

Website: http://www.depts.drew.edu/phys/

Drew University – Alumni/ae House

Graduates of Drew’s three schools can check up on what’s going on back on campus. Fill out an update form and review alumni news.

Website: http://www.drew.edu/alumni/index.html

Drew University – Anthropology Department

Madison, N.J. school offers an overview of the discipline and a directory of its faculty members. Read course descriptions and email inquiries.

Website: http://www.drew.edu/cla/depts/anth/index.html

Drew University – Chemistry Department

Look through course offerings, contact information and requirements for chemistry majors and minors.

Website: http://www.drew.edu/cla/depts/chem/index.html

Drew University – Department of History

Details history course offerings and major/minor requirements. Supplies faculty contacts and admissions information.

Website: http://www.drew.edu/cla/depts/hist/index.html

Drew University – French and Italian Department

Peruse course outlines and find contact info and details on degree requirements, clubs, scholarships and educational resources.

Website: http://www.depts.drew.edu/fren/

Drew University – German Department

Features course offerings and major and minor degree requirements. Find a list of faculty members and contact information.

Website: http://www.drew.edu/cla/depts/germ/

Drew University – Human Resources

Offers listings of staff and faculty jobs, the University’s mission statement, and a link to the Intranet job pages for authorized users.

Website: http://www.depts.drew.edu/humres/

Drew University – Women’s Studies Program

Provides an overview of the women’s studies program at Drew Univ. in Madison. Includes core courses as well as faculty and student resources.

Website: http://www.depts.drew.edu/wmst/

Drew University, NJ – Dept. of Math & Computer Science

Learn about academic and non-academic programs available through Drew University’s Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Website: http://www.drew.edu/cla/depts/math/index.html