Dead Zebra Teaches Some Series 5 of The Figurines of Android and The Christmas Special

Dead Zebra is the one who takes care of put face to the famous figurines of Android, or rather, to make them reality. They are dozens of different artists designed these collectable small cited annually (special editions to part).

We now have the Series 5 of the ‘ mini collectible ‘ Android, as well as a new version of Christmas holidays. None of them will come, by the way, in time for the holidays if we live outside of the United States.

This special to hang from the tree Edition is identical to them that they saw last year, red and blue. According to Dead Zebra may be loose or packet two, five and ten. Prices would be in 10, 20, 45 and 90 dollars respectively and may be ordered from December 15 (so these Yes in time reach U.S. territory).

The Series 5 will be January

With regard to the Series 5 and due to problems of production, according to Dead Zebra, they may be ordered towards the end of the month of January. Designs come from the hand of designers where comes the own Google (which brings the) Orange, Panda and Chrome Edition), but also others such as Andrew Bell (of Dead Zebra), Devilrobots, Gary Ham, Jon Paul Kaiser, Kong Andri, Lunabee, Reactor 88, Scott Tolleson.

For the time being We will have to wait for that ‘during the month of January’ see designs in full, as the picture that heads this post. Although if you look at the piece of paper we see the three first designs, Google; Sk8 Cop, Gary Ham; Skeledroid, of Scott Tolleson and To-Fu Oyako, Devilrobots.