Dash Till 2 Puff Is The Renewal of The Casual Game That You Have to Try

by | December 6, 2017

A year has passed since it came out in the Dash light till Puff!, the Spanish infinite runner inspired in the famous Geometry Dash. And a half million downloads later arrives Dash till Puff 2, its renovated sequel to make you spend hours and hours of dead time.

In this second version, Rifter Games check out more mixture addiction and it comes with obstacles and more complex than the original graphics. Now the difficulty never ceases to grow according to the far that move at frenetic pace.

Comes with 5 worlds with different dynamics between. If a worldwide movements is rebounds, as in Flappy Bird, also provided for investment of gravity or ‘press to float’, among others. In addition, we can unlock hidden modes

Dash till Puff 2 is free, although it is based on a similar Road Crossy freemium model: no intrusive advertising at the end of levels and some points that allow us to buy character designs and effects associated with it. In addition, we can see small video advertising to get these points, or get them directly to playing. Additionally we can eliminate the advertising and unlock designs (now much more complex) with a payment of 98 cents.