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Daemen College

Amherst college announces events for prospective students. Download a form to submit to be considered for scholarships.

Website: http://www.daemen.edu/

Daemen College – Alumni

Attend an alumni event, keep in touch with classmates and send in personal updates. Discover membership requirements and benefits.

Website: http://www.daemen.edu/alumni/default.html

Daemen College – Marian Library

Check through the research periodicals, and link to a search of the library’s collection.

Website: http://www.daemen.edu/library/lib_index.html

Daemen College – Physical Therapy Department

Read descriptions of the entry-level and advanced degrees in physical therapy. Lists academic policy, course details and faculty. Located in NY.

Website: http://www.daemen.edu/departments/pt/default.html

Daemen College – Physician Assistant Program

Earn a master’s degree in physician-assistant studies. With cost estimates, clinical teaching resources, faculty profiles and a thesis overview.

Website: http://www.daemen.edu/departments/pa/