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Popular souvenirs include handmade lace, curtains and tablecloths, silk, basketry and pottery, silver spoons and forks (signs of Cypriot hospitality) and leather items. Jewelry has been made here since Mycenaean times; Artisans use both traditional and contemporary styles. Lefkaritika lace is world famous and one of the most famous island products; in the village of Lefkara, which gave the lace its name, you can watch the women and men at work. Traditionally, the local men produce silver while the women make the lace. Simple baskets, leather goods and pottery are also nice souvenirs. Cypriot wines including the Commandaria, which is pressed in the area north of Limassol and is one of the oldest wines in the world, local brandies and the strong pomace brandy Zivania are also suitable as souvenirs. All over the island, monks sell icons, often painted by the monks themselves. Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery, at the foot of the Troodos Mountains, is one of the Cypriot monasteries that has its own icon studio. All over the island, monks sell icons, often painted by the monks themselves. Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery, at the foot of the Troodos Mountains, is one of the Cypriot monasteries that has its own icon studio. All over the island, monks sell icons, often painted by the monks themselves. Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery, at the foot of the Troodos Mountains, is one of the Cypriot monasteries that has its own icon studio.

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Opening hours

Shops are closed on Wednesdays, Saturday afternoons and Sundays. Opening hours are 08.00-13.00 and 16.00-19.30 (summer) and 08.00-13.00 and 14.30-18.00 (winter). On Fridays the shops are generally open until 20.00/20.30. Many larger department stores and supermarkets, as well as some shops in tourist areas, remain open at lunchtime.


Imported items such as cameras, perfume, china, crystal and English fabrics are sold on the island at reasonable prices. Tailor-made shirts are particularly inexpensive.



The Cyprus capital of Nicosia and most of the coastal towns and cities have a lively nightlife scene to suit all tastes. There is a wide range of international restaurants, including Indian, Italian, French and Chinese specialities. There are also numerous wine bars, lively bars that often host live entertainment, cinemas and nightclubs. The harbor promenades of Larnaka, Paphos, Limassol and Kyrenia are also lined with pubs, nightclubs and bars. The port town of Agia Napa in the southeast of the island is known as the party capital of Cyprus. Here it is mainly the young people who turn night into day, even if more and more restaurants and sophisticated nightclubs open in the holiday resort. Many hotels and resorts have their own restaurants, bars and nightspots, and shows and live performances are often held here. Most cities regularly host evening cultural events and festivals. The most famous events include the Aphrodite Opera Festival, which takes place annually in front of the medieval castle in Paphos Harbour, and the Shakespeare Festival in the Amphitheater of Kourion. Classical plays are often performed in local theaters. Nightlife in the rural areas mainly takes place in and around the local taverns, where one can have a fun evening with a glass of Cypriot wine, traditional music and dancing.




There are over 500 hotels and apartment hotels as well as simple uncategorized hotels. 10% service and 3% tax will be charged. Off-season, many accommodations offer discounts (beach resorts: Nov 1 – Mar 31 except Dec 20 – Jan 6; mountain resorts: Oct 1 – Jun 30). Children sleeping in their parents’ room also have a discount: 25% (6-12 years); 50% (1-6 years); by appointment (less than 1 year). For more information, please contact the Tourist Offices (see addresses) and the Cyprus Hotel Association, PO Box 24772, 12, A. Araouzos Street, Hesperides Building, 1303 Nicosia. Tel: 22 45 28 20. Internet:


There are seven official campsites: Polis, and Troodos (Mar – Oct), Geroshipu Zenon Gardens and Agia Napa (April – Oct), Forest Beach (east of Larnaca, Jun – Oct), and Feggari and Kalymnos Beach (all year round) .

Other accommodation options

A number of youth hostels are open to members of the International Youth Hostel Association. Non-members are also accepted, a guest card will be issued upon arrival. Cyprus Youth Hostel Association, 34 Th Theodotu Street, PO Box 21328, Lefkosia. Tel: 22 67 00 27.



78% Greek Orthodox; 18% Muslim (Sunni); Minority of Armenian Christians, Maronites, Catholics and Anglicans.

Social Rules of Conduct

General: The family, including distant relatives, is at the center of Cypriot society. Elderly people are always treated with great respect. Great-grandparents are often seen holding small babies, especially at family celebrations and other celebrations. Faith also has its place in society, and all family members are expected to go to church regularly. Manners: The religious customs and customs of the islanders should be respected. If you go to the more remote regions, you can count on a warm welcome. People shake hands to greet each other, and the usual forms of politeness also apply here. Refusing a Greek coffee or soft drink is considered impolite. With invitations, the hosts are happy about a small gift. Clothing: Neat casual clothing is accepted everywhere. Formal attire is expected for social occasions, exclusive restaurants and business meetings. In monasteries and churches, knees and shoulders should be covered. Swimwear belongs on the beach or in the swimming pool. Photography: It is strictly forbidden to take photos in the vicinity of military installations and facilities as well as in the buffer zone. Photography bans should be observed, even if they are not always well signposted. Artifacts in museums may only be photographed with an official permit, which can sometimes be purchased at the entrance to the museum. In churches with murals and icons, photography is only allowed without a flash. Smoking: Since 2010, smoking has been banned in bars, cafes, discos and restaurants. Some restaurants have a separate smoking area. Smoking is still allowed outside of the restaurants.


Best travel time

Warm Mediterranean climate. Hot and dry summers inland, warm and humid on the coast. Mild winters with precipitation. The best time to travel is from April to October. One should bear in mind that the peak summer months of July and August are very hot.

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