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How is Central Missouri State University abbreviated? It is commonly known as CMSU. Look at the following image, and you can find some other meanings of CMSU. Just click the image to see all definitions of CMSU.

Central Missouri State Univ. – Agriculture Department

Description covers the objectives and techniques instituted by the department. Details its learn-by-doing philosophy.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/academic/agriculture/index.html

Central Missouri State Univ. – ARMY ROTC

Features curriculum, scholarships, photos, and activity information for the ROTC department. Includes details about upcoming events and posts related links.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/rotc/

Central Missouri State Univ. – Center for Religious Studies

Provides an overview of the Religious Studies program at Central Missouri State University. Check out center goals, photos, activity information, or minor details.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/academic/rel.htm

Central Missouri State Univ. – Communication Disorders

Peruse undergraduate courses, faculty bios, student oportunities, and FAQ for the Department of Communication Disorders. Includes details about fees and services.

Website: http://comdisorders.cmsu.edu/

Central Missouri State Univ. – Consumer Services Magane

Check out program in dietetics, tourism, hotel & restaurant administration, family & consumer sciences, and therapeutic recreation. View faculty bios and course details.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/csm/

Central Missouri State Univ. – Criminal Justice Dept.

Offers program information, faculty bios, event schedules, and training details for the Criminal Justice Department. Posts a mission statement and a department profile.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/cj/

Central Missouri State Univ. – Curriculum and Instruction

Check out faculty bios, student information, and portfolio details for the curriculum and instruction department. Includes links to related sites.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/cehs/currinst/

Central Missouri State Univ. – Department of Physical Education

Posts faculty bios, program information, and facility details for the Department of Physical Education.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/cehs/physed/

Central Missouri State Univ. – Dept. of Biology

Check out the biology curricula, alumni information, and faculty contact information for the department. Peruse a calendar of events and a list of available positions.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/biology/

Central Missouri State Univ. – Dept. of Chemistry

Gives an overview of academic programs, faculty research, and student activities for the department. Includes contact information and and alumni details.

Website: http://chem-phys.cmsu.edu/chemistry/

Central Missouri State Univ. – Dept. of Graphics

Offers programs in drafting, graphic arts, photography, and fashion. Includes scholarship information, faculty bios, and job announcements.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/graphics/

Central Missouri State Univ. – Dept. of Math & Computer Science

Posts a schedule of events, member information, and organization details for the Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science. Includes a special members section.

Website: http://www.math-cs.cmsu.edu/~dept/actsci.html

Central Missouri State Univ. – Dept. of Math & Computer Science

Features undergraduate and graduate programs in math and computer science. Includes faculty bios, job information, links, and news.

Website: http://www.math-cs.cmsu.edu/~dept/math.html

Central Missouri State Univ. – Dept. of Modern Languages

Check out French and Spanish courses, student handbooks, faculty bios, and scholarship information for the Modern Languages Department. Includes links to related sites.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/modlang/

Central Missouri State Univ. – Dept. of Power & Transportation

Features programs in aviation and automotive electronics. Includes faculty bios, internship information, and details about related organizations.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/prt/

Central Missouri State Univ. – Earth Science Department

Check out the courses, degrees, and faculty bios for the Department of Earth Science. Review a photogallery and a program survey.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/earthsci/

Central Missouri State Univ. – Educ. Leadership & Human Develop

Provides programs in educational and instructional technology, health education, special education, and child and family development. Posts faculty bios for more details.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/elhd/

Central Missouri State Univ. – History and Anthropology

Peruse program information, faculty bios, news, and course descriptions for the History and Anthropology major. Contact the department for more details.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/history/

Central Missouri State Univ. – Manufacturing & Construction

Provides associate, bachelor, and master degrees in manufacturing and construction. Includes details about student organizations and posts department contact information.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/mfgcont/

Central Missouri State Univ. – Photography Department

Features activity information, faculty and staff bios, student guides, and a gallery of photographs from the department. Includes an overview of facilities.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/photography/

Central Missouri State Univ. – Political Science

Posts course offerings, organization information, awards, scholarships, alumni pages, and student handbooks for the Political Science Department.

Website: http://politicalscience.cmsu.edu/

Central Missouri State Univ. – Psychology and Counselor Education

Features details about the undergraduate and graduate programs in psychology and counselor education. Includes faculty and staff bios, links, and a catalog.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/psychology/

Central Missouri State Univ. – Safety Science and Technology

Posts course schedules, degree programs, distance learning, student activities, and careers in the Safety Science and Technology program. Includes faculty bios and links.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/sst/

Central Missouri State Univ. – Social Gerontology

Describes the programs and coursework for the social gerontology department. Includes contact information, event schedules, and scholarship details.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/sociology/social1.htm

Central Missouri State Univ. – Social Work

Explore curriculum requirements for a bachelor’s degree in social work. Link to CMSU’s homepage for application information.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/sociology/index.html

Central Missouri State Univ. – Social Work

Offers an overview of the social work program. Posts course details, faculty bios, and contact information.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/sociology/social.htm

Central Missouri State Univ. – Special Ed. Program

Describes its MS degree that features an emphasis in special education. Browse curriculum details.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/cats/specedu.htm

Central Missouri State Univ. – Theatre

Offers a production calendar, ticket information, degree program information, and faculty bios for the department. Includes a newsletter and scholarship details.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/theatre/

Central Missouri State University

Offers a MA in teaching English as a second language. Describes the goals of the program and the student organization.

Website: http://web.missouri.edu/~c639602/html/tesl.html

Central Missouri State University – Alumni Relations

Learn about awards and recognitions, reunions and chapter events. Includes homecoming photos and schedules.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/alumni/index.html

Central Missouri State University – Sociology

Describes the BA, BS and MA programs in sociology. Offers faculty profiles, student organizations and a list of courses.

Website: http://www.cmsu.edu/sociology/sociolog.htm

Central Missouri Univ. – James C. Kirkpatrick Library

Visit the computerized study-lab called the Harmon Computer Commons, or link to a series of guest sites and library publications.

Website: http://library.cmsu.edu/

Muleskinner.org – Central Missouri State University

School’s newspaper contains news, student life features, sports stories, and editorials. Learn how to subscribe or advertise.

Website: http://www.muleskinner.org/