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Tips on Scholarships for Women’s Notebook

Walk with the notebook is the terror of the women who want stylish floor, after all, how to load a tumble of those without compromising thevisual? I’m glad there are bags of all kinds and colors, special for  notebook  and that match any look. And very important: do not seem to be scholarships for notebook. After all, in all Brazil, violence is way… Read more »

Handbags Trends Spring Summer

The bags are indispensable accessories in any season, would complete the looks.In addition, they are also very important for women who need to carry your basic items, especially those who spend many hours away from home. Know what are the main trends in handbags for spring/summer 2014:

Backpack Scooter, a Backpack that Turns Bike!

It is not easy to practice mountain biking, especially if the goal is to reach the top of a mountain and then go down again on a bicycle, as well as requiring tremendous physical training, the activity requires a lot of motor coordination and skill in diverting two obstacles. That is why Bergmönch was created, a backpack scooter, that is, a… Read more »

Tourbograph Perpetual “Pour Le Mérite” Sihh

The Tourbograph Perpetual “Pour le Mérite” by A. Lange & Söhne  combines achronograph with a  rattrap function, a tourbillon and an eternal calendar. To the connoisseur, the French name adds that the transmission of force from the feather house by means of chain and worm. This ensures a more uniform flow of force.

Vintage Louis Vuitton Bags

It is one of the most copied and imitated luxury brands worldwide but is far from lowering your arms to counteract the problem. Know why The French fashion brand Louis Vuitton sued the Alibaba, China’s largest online sales site. The complaint was filed in a Beijing court. In question is the alleged selling suitcases with… Read more »

It’s Not a Handbag-It Is a…

We have previously written about the problem of handbags for men. It simply did not fit into the concept. Yet there is a lot of bags that are male. I think the closest on portfolios and per slip bags. But none of them is particularly suitable, for example, a restaurant visit.

What to Bring-and What Not to Bring-in Carry-on Luggage

Follow the recommendations for international flights and avoid inconvenience at the time of boarding After the terrorist attacks in 2001, airports around the world adopted stricter security rules at the time of shipment. As a result, the passenger magazine became more rigorous and hand luggage became the target of security agents.

Airlines Still Do Not Charge for Baggage

Since last Saturday, April 29, 2017, airlines are authorized to sell tickets without the minimum baggage allowance. That is: They can charge a value for passenger transportation and other value for baggage transportation.

Lightweight Cabin Backpack

To travel with ease by plane, it is possible to bring a carry-on friendly. There are many types of backpacks that can serve as cabin baggage. At MBC, we offer the leisure backpack and trekking backpack. The first is a small backpack cabin light and compact and the second is a kind of backpack size much larger and larger… Read more »

Different Types of Bags

Every woman has it, every woman needs it, every woman buys it-the handbag! Handbags are for women like shoes: you can never have enough! And since there are so many different types, every pocket purchase can be argued well, because one needs at least one model of every pocket type. At best also in several colors.