Capilano University Review (6)

Capilano University Review (6)

North America

About me:

I am studying commercial management at the European University of Applied Sciences in Neuss. I am currently in the sixth (and final) semester. A semester abroad is part of my course and has always been a great wish / dream of mine. After long and detailed research and working with the international office at my university, I became aware of MicroEDU and decided to go to Capilano University in Vancouver.

Thanks to MicroEDU, the entire application process went smoothly and without any problems. At this point a big thank you again!


As before any long trip abroad, “don’t forget anything”. Together with the competent and super fast help from MicroEDU, this was a breeze. The application process ran smoothly and all the required documents were bundled by MicroEDU and sent to Capilano University. A short time later, the university received the long-awaited acceptance. Visit to get information about best law schools in USA.

A little tip from me: Think early enough about all the costs that will come your way. The best thing to do is to make a list. Also think about where you want to live. There is a lot of information about this on the homepage of Capilano University and from MicroEDU.


Capilano University has a very nice campus and is located in the middle of the forest in the north of Vancouver (North Vancouver). In the first few weeks it is still a bit difficult to find your way around, but that goes away very quickly. Really all of the employees at CapU are super friendly and help you with all your questions. The international office of the university is responsible for the “internationals” (as we are called), here you can get super quick and friendly help. The university also has a cafeteria, the food is good, a small fitness area and many other places where you can spend your free time / breaks.


I can say about the courses that they are feasible in terms of level, but that the effort is greater. The requirements vary depending on the course. Unlike in Germany, you have more submissions such as homework, presentations (often in groups), individual assignments as well as intermediate and final exams. Before you stop reading now, all of these “exams” are small tasks that you can partially complete yourself in class. Nevertheless, you should prepare yourself enough for exams. You can view all courses on the homepage. Also keep deadlines when changing courses, otherwise you will have to pay part of the course fees.

My courses:

Marketing at David Kuch: This course was my favorite course. David conveyed the course content very well and made his lessons very lively.

Organizational Behavior at Llyod Michaels: Llyod is a great lecturer with a lot of experience. I liked the course very much and you learn for life.

People Management at Laurie Prange: Laurie is super friendly and this course was a lot of fun too. Laurie is very talkative and goes out to help each student as best she can.

Entrepreneurship / Small Businesses at Cyri Jones: The course was interesting and you are involved a lot yourself. In groups you develop your own business idea and present it.


There are many different ways to find a place to stay in Vancouver for the whole time. I lived in the CapU dormitory. This is about 20 minutes by bus from the university. To get to the university you have to change trains once.

The dormitory, like the university itself, is in a beautiful area, surrounded by forest. The dormitory offers single / double rooms. Apply for a room as early as possible as spaces are limited. I chose a double room. There is also a “matching portal” to choose a roommate. If you live in the dormitory, you also pay for the “Meal Plan” at the same time. So you get all-day catering in the cafeteria. The food was relatively good at the beginning. Towards the end it improved a lot and varied more often.

The corridors in which you live are divided into: “mixed corridor, only girls, only boys”. You share the sanitary facilities (toilets and showers with the students who live in your hallway).

In my opinion, the decision to live in the dorm was the best. The distance to the university was minimal and contact with other students was made super fast.

There is also a park, a subway, a supermarket, a climbing hall and much more in the immediate vicinity.

People and culture:

From my own experience, I can say that the people in Canada are some of the friendliest. It has often happened that while waiting for the bus, one gets caught up in a conversation. I didn’t know that from home and it was a super cool experience. Canadians are very open and talkative.


Carefully calculate all costs that will come your way. Think about tuition, monthly rent, meal plan, meals, books and so on. The products in the supermarkets, especially the dairy products, are a little more expensive. However, you will quickly find out which products are the best in terms of price-performance ratio.

Vancouver / Travel:

Before going to Vancouver, I got as much information as possible. Vancouver is said to be one of the most beautiful and livable cities in the world. I quickly realized that it really is. The city is beautiful and has everything you need. Beaches, mountains, a very well developed infrastructure, many good restaurants and a broad, multicultural society.

It is best to plan excursions, hikes, visits to the beach and much more with your friends. There are so many beautiful places to visit and where to spend your time.

After your semester abroad you will leave the country with a laughing and a crying eye.

Capilano University Review (6)