Capilano University Review (3)

Capilano University Review (3)

North America


With MicroEDU, the organization was super easy and uncomplicated. At this point I would like to thank Lisa, who answered my questions quickly and competently at all times. I sent my documents for Capilano University in January and I received my final approval in June. I still had enough time for the rest of the organization and in August I went to Vancouver.


As far as the search for accommodation was concerned, I excluded the CapU residence for myself from the start. For me personally, the price-performance ratio was simply not right because you live in shared rooms, have no cooking facilities and the dormitory is very remote. Visit to get information about top 5 engineering courses in the USA.

I decided to take an Airbnb for the first two weeks and then look for a room in a shared apartment on craigslist. The search turned out to be easier than I expected and within a few days I had a room. I lived with two Canadians in an apartment in Lower Lonsdale for CAD 950 a month. The apartment was in a great central location, I was 25 minutes by bus from the university and a 5-minute walk from the Seabus, which brought me downtown within 15 minutes. I got along very well with my flatmates, it was a cool experience to live with two born Canadians because you don’t see them as often in Vancouver. All in all, I would definitely recommend renting an accommodation on site,


The course at Capilano is much more practice-oriented than that at my home university. The hours are more reminiscent of school lessons, the class sizes are manageable, there are attendance and participation grades and now and then also graded homework. Most international students have taken 3-4 courses, I chose 3:

Cross-cultural business at Enrique was the most fun for me. The course consisted of about 30 students from all over the world, which led to very interesting discussions between different cultures. Enrique is very nice and funny, he made the lessons interactive and (mostly) subject-specific. There was quite a lot of homework in this course, some of which was very time-consuming.

International Trade & Law at Peter was the course that could best be compared to one at my home university. It was definitely the most demanding of my 3, but this was also due to the fact that I sometimes had problems with the language, as it was very subject-related. Nonetheless, with his dry sense of humor, Peter makes the lessons very interesting and funny.

Leadership in teams at Bettina was the least fun for me. At the beginning you were divided into a group with which you then had to perform tasks throughout the semester. In my opinion, the grading was a bit unfair, as you had no chance to perform individually and always depended on your group members. Additionally, I found the materials and theories taught in this course to be relatively irrelevant.


Vancouver is an incredibly diverse city with endless possibilities. When you stand on the beach, look at the skyline with Stanley Park and see the mountain landscape in the background, it takes your breath away. Outdoor fans will especially get their money’s worth in North Vancouver. If you are not nature freaks, sooner or later you will probably become one here.

The city not only offers a variety of landscapes, but is also a cultural melting pot thanks to its international residents. The people are very nice, helpful and open-minded, small talk is practically the order of the day here. The city also has a lot to offer in culinary terms: Mexican, Chinese or even one or the other German restaurant can be found here, and sushi fans will definitely not be disappointed here! Thanks to the nice people and the pleasant climate, you can definitely settle in and feel good here very quickly.


Vancouver is a great starting point for various short trips. If you drive north for 2 hours you get to Whistler, the most popular ski area in North America. Whistler is worth seeing in every season (in the off-season you can save a lot on hotel prices) and is perfect as a weekend getaway. A day trip to Joffre Lake is also a must if you are in the area. Due to the proximity of Vancouver to the States, a long weekend in Seattle and Portland is also very good. From Portland, it’s definitely worth a day trip to Cannon Beach, a beautiful beach town on the Oregon coast. My personal highlight, however, was Tofino, a small dreamy village in the west of Vancouver Island. Here you can go surfing, go on a whale-watching tour or take a trip to Hot Springs Cove. Tofino is really beautiful and a very unique place in the world. With a bit of luck you can get very cheap flights from Vancouver, for example to San Francisco or Hawaii.


I would recommend to everyone to do a semester abroad, as it is incredibly beneficial in terms of human beings. Vancouver is a city to lose your heart (and a lot of money too, lol). For me it was the best decision to come here, I made incredibly great friends and had countless experiences that have enriched me a lot.

If you have any questions or need a few food tips (I almost ate my way through half the city), please contact me.

Capilano University Review (3)