Campus Life in the UK

Campus Life in the UK


In the UK, international students can study at excellent universities. In addition to this plus in every résumé, British universities and colleges also play a pioneering role when it comes to campus life. There are tons of opportunities in the UK to have fun before and after classes.

From cinema, live music, theater, excursions and workshops to a wide range of sports – campus life in Great Britain is fun. This is of particular benefit to international students who are only planning a semester abroad or a short-term study visit such as a summer session at a British university.

The wide range of opportunities to take part in campus life, just like the good service offers in Great Britain, will help you settle in quickly on the new campus.

UK campus facilities

Although many of the UK’s universities are located in some of the largest cities and metropolitan areas, most of the campus locations are within walking distance of all facilities. International students spend their day-to-day studies there with British students.

A look at the campus map of the respective university shows all institutions on campus, the teaching and research facilities, the library and the administrative buildings are usually well signposted.

The following campus facilities are typically found at every British university:

  • Teaching and research facilities: Just like in Germany, classic teaching rooms include lecture halls, seminar rooms and laboratories. Depending on the subject, cooking laboratories, university gardens or fields, film and sound studios or workshops also belong to the teaching and research facilities.
  • Library: UK libraries attract scholars from all over the world. Its holdings consist of an extensive collection of on-site literature and databases. Most of the resources can now also be viewed electronically. The libraries often also have a large archive collection with manuscripts, rare books or special collections. Service and IT support is often located in the entrance area of the library.
  • Accommodation: University residences are often within walking distance of the main UK campus. Depending on the dormitory, there are also many facilities available to students within the Residential Hall, such as a separate breakfast room, a bar and so-called study rooms.
  • Prayer rooms: In order to be able to continue practicing your faith during your studies in Great Britain, there are spiritual support and places to pray at many campus locations.
  • Sports facilities: Whether sports, fitness or wellbeing facilities – at British universities there are favorable conditions for students. University sports are taught both indoors and outdoors.
  • Students ‘Union: At a British university, the Students’ Union is usually located in the heart of the campus. This is a service facility run by students for students. Most Students’ Unions provide places for the student community to relax, socialize, or pursue further education. These included language cafés, a small supermarket or kiosk, cinema and theater halls, multimedia rooms and activity rooms for sports and workshops.
  • Administration building: All administrative tasks of the university are handled in the administration buildings of the UK university. The International Office is often also located there.
  • Dining Service: At most UK campus locations, students can use some of the dining facilities such as cafes, pubs, bars or restaurants in different buildings. In the Residential Halls, students can usually choose between two options: self-catering or boarding in the dormitory.
  • Service facilities: British campus life is also characterized by a large number of facilities that offer international students advice and help on all matters related to studying in Great Britain. There is also a separate contact point for legal, financial or psychological problems.

Leisure opportunities on campus

Not only the International Office but also the Students’ Union offers students many events throughout the semester, which are often offered free of charge. The students actively help to shape leisure activities on campus.

Numerous social, political or sporting events take place at universities and colleges. In particular, there is a multitude of cultural leisure activities that make campus life in Great Britain so special.

Music events play a big role on almost every UK campus. At many universities in the UK, at least one concert per month by a new band, orchestra or DJ is simply part of it. Many campus locations also have their own university cinema and theater, which offer several performances per semester. To learn more about United Kingdom and Europe, please visit paradisdachat.

Events on campus

An orientation program is available to all students starting their studies at a UK university. During the orientation weeks, called Orientation Week or O-Week, an extensive program takes place at the universities. There is a campus tour as well as a city tour and sometimes even a pub night, an English breakfast and excursions to attractions in the surrounding area. Some also offer the residential halls where the new and old roommates get to know each other. In addition, international students meet their contact person at the new university and – if provided for in the study program – their tutor, whom they can turn to with any questions.

But international students are not only offered a wide range of events during the first few weeks. Even during the British academic year, depending on the university, students can take part in many activities on campus:

  • Festivals
  • Halloween party
  • Curry Nights
  • New Year’s Eve Ball
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day Lunch
  • Diwali Celebration
  • Fair
  • Pub quiz
  • Science Fair

Sporting events

Whether you are a beginner, amateur athlete or professional – sport is simply part of campus life in Great Britain. National sports in the UK include soccer, cricket, netball, rowing, hockey, rugby, pentathlon and golf – to name a few. University sports are therefore heavily promoted in Great Britain. Even those who do not feel attracted by the classic sports offers can take part in a whole range of health and activity programs at British universities.

The diverse range of sports on campus is also offered by different institutions. Starting with the Students’ Union, which supports sports clubs set up by students themselves, to official university sports, usually called campus sports. Even some of the residential halls have their own gyms. In the campus sport, competitions are regularly held by student teams within the university.

Professional athletes studying full-time in the UK should find out about a UK Sports Scholarship. Many UK universities support competitive athletes so that they can perform their academic duties as well as their training.

Campus Life in the UK