California State University Long Beach Review (9)

California State University Long Beach Review (9)

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Hello, my dears:-)

Wow, now I’m really sitting there and writing my own experience report… who would have thought that? So if you are still unsure of “should I do this or not?” Definitely! I don’t regret a single second!


It wasn’t a problem at all. Report to the embassy early enough and make sure that you don’t bring any forbidden items such as metal and sharp objects with you.

Although I didn’t find it so easy now, I passed it really well… so no need to worry! But: To make these exercise books / CD’s beforehand is really recommendable…. Tip: register early enough! Was postponed once because of insufficient number of participants! Visit to get information about Slovakia or Slovenia where to study.


I had an apartment in Oakwood with three other Germans – I can only recommend it! Oakwood has become like family to us! It’s like living in a hotel – with a swimming pool, jacuzzi, tennis courts, volleyball courts, gym, brunch on Sundays… so that was really the best decision to go there! The apartments are furnished or un-furnished and with the furnished everything is included from the hairdryer to the can opener, so you don’t have to worry about anything! Very convenient! Paid around $ 700 / month per person. Get shock? This is normal in Cali…


I graduated from Hanse Merkur. I can only recommend. We are recognized without any problems and is super fast (had my insurance policy in hand within a few hours!) & I didn’t find it expensive either!


Uhhhhh….. together with the choice of course the only negative point. Long Beach is really expensive! I mean really expensive! And if you have also decided to eat healthily, then you should really take out a loan… because healthy food costs a lot! Anyone who is satisfied with a burger now and then (my absolute tip: Cheeseburger Animal Style @ IN’N OUT BURGER !! The best burger of my life!) And lots of Mexican food (tip: Burrito @ Chipotle!) Will come too better by making ends meet.
In the university there is also a kind of cafeteria by the dorms. All you can eat for around $ 8 – really good for a change!
Partying, alcohol, going out and sightseeing are of course not exactly cheap… but it’s still worth it. And the clothes are all the cheaper for it:-)


CAMPUS: Awesome! Have never seen anything like it: swimming pool. Giant Large Gym, own hair salon, bowling alley, lounge for students etc! And huge! Sometimes I had to walk from one class to the next 20 minutes across the campus!
The students are really the focus here – in contrast to some other universities in Germany! At the time of the exam, for example, the bib was open 24 hours and Starbucks sponsored coffee for free!

Ahhhhh that is probably my most negative point…. inform yourself bitterly BEFORE whether your course is a so-called “impacted major”. That means that many students want to come in and you have almost no chance of getting in… which was the case with me… but unfortunately I wanted to plan my semester abroad so that I can take all the courses here I need for Germany and don’t waste any time – if that’s what you want right away, look for another university! For real!
The students here can all register for the courses in advance and we then had to run like stupid from class to class and beg the professors to let us into the course. And you shouldn’t think America is the friendliest country… some Profs were really bad to you. Personally, I really sat at the university for 2 weeks from 8 in the morning until 8 in the evening and tried to get my courses!
CSULB is perfect for happy studying, but not when you urgently need certain lectures!


  1. Money – open a Wells Fargo account. It’s free and you get a credit card and can use it to withdraw money and pay for free (everything here is only possible with a credit card – even the candy vending machines on the corner: D)
  2. I got a sim card from t-mobile for $ 60 a month, I have unlimited text (sms flat rate) and 500 free minutes to all networks and free to the t-mobile network. It’s really worth it, because you have to pay for incoming sms & calls!
  3. Sightseeing: Yes, everything in the area… LA, Bel Air, Santa Monica, Hollywood, San Diego, Disneyland, San Francisco (Tip: drive down Highway 1 – but take a lot of time with you! Took 12 hours, but it was beautiful!), Las Vegas (tip: go during the week – much cheaper!)
  4. Worked on the Program Council as a volunteer. The organizing various events on campus for students, such as any the Noon-Time Concert week or two $ -Movies. I found it great to meet people and made friends there for life!
  5. A car is really helpful for getting around! Whereby it works without! We didn’t have one and rented a car for trips. But if I did it again, I would get one right from the start – it just makes some things easier!
  6. Shopping: Most grocery stores have discount cards with which you can really save a lot! Get something like that on display! Paying off! Personally, I think Trader Joes is great (@PCH located) there is bread that can almost be compared to German bread!:-)

Otherwise, pack your swimsuit & then it’s already “GO BEACH!”

California State University Long Beach Review (9)