California State University Long Beach Review (8)

California State University Long Beach Review (8)

North America

It was an unbelievably great time in the USA. Spending a while abroad has always been a dream of mine. Living in another country and studying at the same time seemed the best way for me. Not only have I improved my English, but I’ve also gained life- long experiences and met lots of new people. With them, of course, came other perspectives and cultures that I was able to experience. These intercultural experiences have inspired me a lot and have changed me in a positive way. You become more open to the world and more independent. You learn to find your way around on your own in a completely new environment and different living conditions. Because of the great weather I spent a lot of time outside in the fresh air and explored the countryside and cities.

I really appreciate the opportunity to travel abroad and would recommend it to everyone. Even if you may be afraid and respectful of such a great adventure, you will not regret it. You always learn something and take your experiences and individual development with you. Visit to get information about Slovakia or Slovenia where to study.

Information on costs and the scholarship

Cost of language tests, visas, travel insurance, flights, tuition fees, accommodation and meals incurred. In addition, there were costs for books that you have to buy yourself at the university for each course.


There was a lot to do before going abroad. Overall, the preparation phase took around five to six months. Before that, at the beginning of my studies, I asked when the semester abroad would be best. Since I have a combination of math and English, it made sense to go to an English-speaking country. When I decided to do it in the third semester, I read through numerous testimonials. Then I started applying. My mentor from MicroEDU helped me plan it, he wasalways friendly and competent and was always there for me if I had any questions. Countless documents had to be filled out and submitted. I had to write applications and take language tests. I also applied for my passport and visa, for which I had to make an appointment at the embassy, which also took several weeks. I also had to take out health insurance abroad and apply for an international driver’s license. Then there was the booking of the flight.

When I had done this and got an acceptance from the university, I took care of subletting my room in Weingarten. The last challenge was to find an apartment close to the host university. This search took several months and was very difficult. A week before departure I found a room with a host family. Now I just had to pack my suitcase, say goodbye to my loved ones and off I went.

Stay in the host country

A pre-selection of the courses took place before the start of the course. This was part of the application. I have made appointments with many professors at my home university to clarify whether the courses can be credited after my stay. So I was able to make a selection of courses.

When I arrived in the USA there was an orientation week. There we should choose our courses again. This was very confused and difficult as the courses had a limited number of participants. In the end everything worked out to find good courses and I was very happy with them. I had no problems with the foreign language.

Usually you have four courses per semester, each of which takes place several times a week. General has study system both advantages and disadvantages. Study in the US is definitely different than in Germany. What was exhausting at times were the weekly essays and other papers that you have to write. Every week you get this as homework and you are expected to come prepared for the next lecture. I also noticed that the course is much more interactive and that you think in a much more practical way and that you have an insight into the course contentreceives. You have a lot to do during the semester and thus learn much more intensively. I also had weekly math exams. The results of the individual work during the course are then added up and, together with the final examination in the respective course, the final grade is then obtained. In my opinion, this is an advantage compared to Germany, as it allows you to offset grades. Since you learn during the entire semester, the learning load for the final exams is not as enormous as here in Germany.

Life at the university

Even during the orientation week at university I have some to know new people who came from different countries. My host family I could have been better not imagine. My host mother and -Geschwister were always there for me and my roommate there and they have always helped us where they could. Make friends me was not difficult, because the Americans inside very open, warm and helpful / were. Students have always something to do in America. There are very many recreational activities, to which one can participate with his fellow students. Of music, art, theater, film, radio and sports clubs and numerous connections, there is something for everyone. You learn to know people, have the same interests and there is an optimal way to his outside studying to improve language skills. I am also during the semester traveled a lot and have some beautiful cities seen. All cities have something special and always you meet very friendly people. In addition, you can of course always on the beach stop and the sun and the sea enjoy.

Tips for applicants

In general, allow plenty of time to prepare. Read over many articles by and look at many universities, so that you the right for you and your course of studies find. Get support from your family, friends, your mentor from MicroEDU and your lecturers at. Talk to people who already had some time abroad and you important tips can give. Repeat and learn before departure the language that you need in your host country. Besides, I can recommend a couple of days or a week to arrive before the start of the study. So you can look around a little in your new environment and, if necessary, look for an apartment or find out traffic routes to the university and supermarkets.

California State University Long Beach Review (8)