California State University, East Bay 9

California State University, East Bay (9)

North America

It was a great time at CSUEB and I would go back anytime.

I did the semester abroad with a friend. The preparations went flawlessly, especially thanks to the great help from MicroEDU, and we also received the visa without any problems. It is very important to clarify with your bank beforehand that your credit card limit is not too low. It happened to us quite often that our limit was reached before the month was over. In addition, it happens from time to time that the credit card is blocked because you want to pay too high an amount (such as the tuition fees). That was always very annoying because you have to call the bank in Germany to activate the card again and due to the time difference (9 hours) this is sometimes not that easy. You should also note that unfortunately not everything can be paid by credit card.

Since we decided to live off-campus, we spent the first week in a hostel in Hayward and went looking for an apartment on site. But this turned out to be more difficult than we had thought. Some apartment complexes can only be rented for 6 or 12 months and since we were only a quarter at the CSUEB we needed accommodation for 3 months. After some back and forth, we moved into the “City View Apartments”. These are very close to the university and so we could always walk to the university. I can only recommend the apartment complex. It’s big and really beautiful, and has tennis courts, pools, a hot tub, lounge, gym, weight room, and more. The dormitory for the international students, which is located on campus, is not one of the cleanest and unfortunately has no kitchens, so you are forced to eat in the cafeteria almost every day. I found the food in the cafeteria really good. In addition to the fast food, it also had a large salad bar and fresh fruit. Since I mostly only ate once a week in the cafeteria, the food had enough variety for me. But what you can’t say if you eat there every day. It’s not very expensive to eat there either. Breakfast is about $ 6 and lunch after noon is about $ 10. As a tip, if you live off-campus, come around half past ten then you pay for breakfast but you can wait until 12 noon and lunch;).

The campus is nice and big and has, among other things, a Starbucks, Pandaexpress, Einsteinbagels and a subway. What I found great was the wide range of sports on offer at the university. We international students were allowed to take part in a sports course for otherwise. The ALP Office, which is responsible for the international students, organizes various trips for each quarter. For example, we went to the Six Flags theme park and took part in a wine tasting tour. See more student reviews of universities in North America on ehuacom.

At the university I attended 3 courses, these were not as difficult in terms of difficulty as in Germany, but they are time-consuming. In many courses you have homework, you have to give presentations, write essays, answer online quizzes and have several exams. The international students are somewhat disadvantaged when it comes to choosing courses. In the first week you can attend all lectures that interest you and then register for them. However, all courses only have a certain number of places and so it can happen that a course is already full with American students. I was lucky and got all the courses I wanted.

and thus plenty of time to explore the area. I was able to schedule my lectures so that I had Thursday to Sunday off Unfortunately, the university is not located in San Francisco but in Hayward. This is a good half hour from SF.

But that’s not a problem because you can take the Bart (train) to SF. Only when you want to go out to party do you not come back with the beard, because unfortunately it does not go at night or only until a certain time. But if you team up with a few people you can also share a large capacity taxi back to Hayward. But it would also be advisable to buy a car. Especially if you don’t live in the Ihouse on campus or in the university’s surrounding apartment complexes. There is a shuttle bus that is free for students. Please note, however, that the shuttle bus ONLY goes from the bar station to the university and back again and WITHOUT intermediate stops! If you live somewhere in between you have to run and the university is on a mountain that is quite steep. You also need the car around the area, in which there is a lot to see, to explore. But there is also the possibility to rent a car for a few days at a reasonable price. Besides SF we have made trips to various beaches (such as Santa Cruz), the Yosemite National Park or the many outlets.

After the quarter, we added a month-long trip across the USA, which I would recommend to everyone. The semester abroad was a great experience. We have experienced and seen a lot and got to know a lot of interesting people from whom new friendships have developed. I can only recommend everyone to do a semester abroad. It will be an unforgettable time in your life.

California State University, East Bay 9