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California State University East Bay

The CSU East Bay is a clear university. It is located on a mountain and can be reached with a free shuttle from the Hayward BART station.
If you’re honest, it’s not really nice from the outside, but the great weather quickly makes up for it and the university is also very well equipped technically.
I lived about 10-15 minutes away from campus and mostly walked up the mountain in the morning. Since the track was too dark at night, I skipped parties in the iHouse except for one time. Since I didn’t live on campus, I met fewer international students overall, but did a lot with the other students from the Pioneer Newspaper (Uni Zeitung), for whom I also worked.

By the way, I can recommend working for the Uni Zeitung to anyone who can write, photograph, film or design. There is also always a need for people to provide technical support for the website.

Since students can work for the university on their visa, this is a wonderful way to make a few hundred dollars a month quickly.

The lecturers were all very open and friendly, understanding when there were language difficulties and interested in a European point of view.
In contrast to the one in Germany, the lessons were more interactive. See more student reviews of universities in North America on mcat-test-centers.

The other students were always helpful too. Since I had no other German students in my courses, I quickly made contact with the American students. I can only recommend anyone who still has a stay abroad ahead of them not to look for a permanent German clique, because that isolates you immensely.
Overall, the lessons are not as incredibly theoretical as in Germany. In general, people like to work with new media.

I particularly liked the fact that, depending on the course, we were often tested in the quarter and not only had one exam like in Germany. They were mostly small tests, nothing big. In many cases, points were also awarded for attendance.

Anyone who thinks they can choose all courses in Germany and not be able to take them for anything in the USA is wrong.
Although you pay more money as a foreign student than US students, everyone else is allowed to choose the courses before you. If a course is overcrowded, you can hope to get in via the waiting list, but nothing is certain.
You should still go to the lectures before you are permanently enrolled and try to work with them. If you get on well with the lecturer, he sometimes turns a blind eye and lets you into the course.
If that doesn’t happen: DON’T PANIC. You’re in California, the sun is shining, don’t go crazy if everything doesn’t go as it should right away. It will be everything!

Much happens on the university’s online platform, which is very clear. Exams and tests are also often written online, which makes things extremely easy…

Care should be taken when buying books: These are extremely expensive in the United States. They can be found at a better price on, Ebay or Craigslist.
There is also the possibility to borrow books.

Those who like to swim should use the outdoor pool behind the gym. It’s only open from noon to 2 a.m. and a ten card costs $ 30, but it’s really great there. Since there are also towels and showers there, you can also go for a swim between lectures.

The two quarters that I spent at CSU East Bay will always remain in my fond memories, but there isn’t much going on in Hayward itself. If you don’t live in the iHouse, it’s hard to make contacts as many live so far outside that you need a car to visit them. I made friends in San Francisco early on and spent the weekends there.

PS: I can also advise all students to set up an online account at Bank of America, as you can use it to withdraw free of charge at all B of A ATMs, use the card as a credit card free of charge and some, albeit few, car rental only American credit cards accept.
If you have a Deutsche Bank account, you can withdraw from Bank of America free of charge. You can then usually deposit the money directly into your US account at the ATM.

California State University, East Bay 4