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North America


The Cayes

Caye Caulker has become increasingly popular in recent years. The extensive underwater cave system attracts divers from all over the world. On Half Moon Caye, on Lighthouse Reef, you can visit the Red-Footed Booby Bird Sanctuary. This bird sanctuary was created in 1982 to protect the gannet and other bird and animal species. Divers can explore the coral reefs at Lighthouse Reef, some of which drop to several thousand meters. Also worth seeing is the “Blue Hole”, a deep hole in the sea floor.

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Corals, orchids and turtles are protected and may not be removed or hunted. In some areas you are not allowed to fish with a harpoon. Wrecks and art treasures are government property. You should definitely inform yourself about the applicable regulations.



Crafts such as wood carvings and straw goods are typical of Belize. So-called “in-bond” shops offer watches, perfume and other duty-free items. Shop opening hours: Mon-Sat 08.00-12.00, 13.00-16.30 and 19.00-21.00.



Dance nights are held at the Bellevue Hotel in Belize City. In the Fort George Bar you can listen to soft music and enjoy the view of the harbour. There are numerous nightclubs and discos, often featuring local bands.



Restaurants serve North American, Chinese, Central American, and Creole dishes. Quality and service vary, the food is inexpensive. Drinks: There are numerous bars. Local specialties include A&P, an anise and peppermint drink. The Old Belizero rum is very strong. The local Belikin beer is highly recommended.



There are few quality hotels in Belize, but smaller hotels are good and inexpensive. Inland there are mountain hotels. Good accommodation is also available on the coast. Most hotels are affiliated with the Belize Hotel Association. A list is available from the Belize Tourist Board (see addresses). Information can also be obtained from the Belize Tourism Industry Association (see addresses). Categories: There are three categories based on price and standard. Bookings and hotel prices should be confirmed in advance.1. Class: All hotel rooms with bath or shower and air conditioning. Restaurant and bar in the hotelMiddle class: All hotel rooms with bath or shower and air conditioning.Tourist class:


In the counties of Belize, Cayo and Corazal there are cheap campgrounds, in the county of Toledo there is a slightly more expensive campground. Caravan sites are available in Corazal Town and outside of San Ignacio. Camping is prohibited on the beaches. Caye Caulker and Tobacco Caye also have private beachfront campgrounds.



Roman Catholic (50%), Protestant minority (27%), non-denominational (9%) and other (14%).

Social Rules of Conduct

The British influence is still noticeable today. Flowers or chocolates are appropriate gifts for hosts on private occasions. Belizeans are generally very hospitable. Casual wear is accepted, bathing suits belong on the beach. Smoking is permitted everywhere. Tipping: Service is rarely included in the bill. 10% tip is customary. Taxi drivers do not receive tips.


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Subtropical, high humidity; the high temperatures are moderated by Caribbean winds. January to April is hot and dry, the rainy season is between June and October.

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Belize flag vs map