Ashmore, Illinois

Ashmore, Illinois

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According to allcountrylist, Ashmore, Illinois is a small village located in Coles County in east-central Illinois. The village is situated on the banks of the Embarras River and is surrounded by rolling hills and lush farmland. To the north lies Mattoon, to the east lies Charleston, and to the south lies Neoga.

Ashmore has a total area of 0.8 square miles all of which is land. The terrain is mostly flat with some slight hills around town. The village has several small parks which offer recreational activities like tennis courts, playgrounds, and picnic areas.

The climate in Ashmore is humid continental with warm summers and cold winters with heavy snowfall during winter months. Average temperatures range from highs of 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit in July to lows of 22-25 degrees Fahrenheit in January.

The Embarras River provides plenty of fishing opportunities for locals as well as visitors looking to take advantage of the abundant wildlife that can be found along its banks including various species of fish, frogs, turtles, snakes and waterfowl.

Overall, Ashmore’s unique geography provides residents with plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy year-round including fishing, boating and camping as well as a quiet rural atmosphere for those looking for a peaceful getaway from city life!

Ashmore, Illinois

History of Ashmore, Illinois

Ashmore, Illinois is a small village located in Coles County in east-central Illinois. The area has been inhabited since at least the 1600s when Native Americans of the Illiniwek tribe lived in the area.

The village was founded in 1871 by William H. Ashmore who set up a general store and post office at what would become the center of the village. The village grew slowly over the next few decades as more businesses were established and more people moved to Ashmore looking for work.

The railroad arrived in Ashmore in 1874, connecting it with nearby towns and cities. This allowed for increased trade and travel as well as providing a vital link to other parts of Illinois and beyond.

In 1895, Ashmore received its first school which was built to provide education for local children from kindergarten through eighth grade. This school was expanded to include high school classes in 1910, allowing students from all over Coles County to attend classes there instead of having to travel long distances every day just to get an education.

Over the years, many businesses have come and gone but Ashmore remains a small but vibrant community with plenty of amenities including a library, several parks, churches, restaurants and shops as well as a strong sense of community spirit that binds residents together!

Economy of Ashmore, Illinois

The economy of Ashmore, Illinois is largely dependent on agriculture and small businesses. The fertile soil of the area allows for a wide variety of crops to be grown, including corn, soybeans, wheat and hay. The area is also home to several small farms that raise livestock such as cattle and pigs.

In addition to agriculture, there are several small businesses in the village that provide goods and services to the local community. These include a grocery store, hardware store, pharmacy, auto repair shop and several restaurants. There are also several boutiques and specialty shops in town that cater to tourists who visit the area for its rural charm and natural beauty.

The village also has a few light manufacturing businesses that produce products such as furniture and cabinetry for local customers as well as those from outside the area. These businesses provide employment opportunities for local residents who may not have access to other job opportunities due to their rural location.

Ashmore is served by two main highways which connect it with nearby towns and cities. This allows residents easy access to larger cities for work or recreation while still maintaining their rural lifestyle in Ashmore.

Overall, Ashmore’s economy is largely based on agriculture but there are plenty of other options available for those looking to make a living in this quaint little village!

Politics in Ashmore, Illinois

Ashmore, Illinois is a small rural town with a population of just over 3,500. While the town is not particularly large, it has an active political life. The town is predominantly Democratic and has elected Democratic mayors for the past two decades. In recent years, the town has become more politically engaged as more people have begun to get involved in local politics. This has led to an increase in voter turnout and engagement in local issues. The town is also home to several community organizations that are actively involved in advocating for local issues such as education reform and economic development. These organizations often work together to bring attention to important issues that affect Ashmore’s citizens. Additionally, Ashmore has several community events throughout the year that bring people together from all corners of the community to discuss current events and political matters. These events help keep residents connected with each other and informed on what is happening in their city.